Starting fresh.. so so fresh!!

Its 2012 and I can’t believe I have had this blog site for a few years now and NEVER did anything with it. I’ve had the ideas pile up in my head but always found a reason or two in the past to just put it off.  Some of my more famous excuses have been

  • I’m a new mom baby takes up all my time,
  • I work full time so that never leaves any time
  • And the biggest one I tell myself, I AM JUST LAZY. 

Well, when the clock stuck 12am on 1/1/12 I threw away my excuse book and wrote down some goals to accomplish in the first 3 months. By then I would have seen 35 yrs of my life and I don’t want to say “WOW I let the laziness take over my life”. So here goes. This blog will be the accountability I need to keep my ideals and my goals on track.

But what are my goals?

  1. LOSE WEIGHT… I know I know… everyone says this and as many times as I have tried to do this in the past and failed this time will be different.  My mind is made up. I have set the intention and I have visualized me in my lucky brand jeans once again. I have never been a skinny mini but I was in shape for a while after I hired a personal trainer. Now this was way before I had my son. I’m not in a financial position in my life right now to just go out and hire another personal trainer and spend 2 plus hours a day at the gym for 6 months to get me back in shape. Having kids tend to take up any spare money and time. Now I won’t trade that for anything in the world but I would like to be in shape as well.
  2. Get better organized with my savings and finance. I will do this buy establishing my home binder and using coupons to save. I actually started using coupons last year when my then boyfriend lost his job and we were only living off of my income. Using coupons has allowed me to still buy the things that make me happy with none of the guilt of paying full price. This year I want to be ORGANIZED .Establishing a method that works for me so I don’t misplace coupons or miss deals because I can’t find the floating coupon in my purse. I already know the binder method does not work for me, so I’m on the search for a new method.
  3. Find some R & R time for myself. I love my family and I would love to theoretically say I never want to be away from them. But it’s not true. I want time to read a book, take a long hot shower, or just sit down and watch something that I want to watch. i.e a DVD I received for Christmas would be a perfect example. I have joined a book club with some long time friends and hope to find a few hours a week to read the great books we plan to discuss.

I have given myself at least till the end of March to begin to see the fruits of my three month labor. At that time I will add on more goals for the rest of the year. I will also in future blogs go into more details as to how I’m getting there and updates on how I’m doing. 







One thought on “Starting fresh.. so so fresh!!

  1. I’m glad you sent this while I am at the Dr.’s as I am waiting as usual. I’m excited for the new and improved Letty. Though I won’t be physically there for a good part of this year I will support you from a far!

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