Sunday get up and do one thing day. (quick post)

So today as my son slept I finally put the organizational baskets which I purchased last month to good use and organized one of my drawers in the bathroom sink area.

 So as I was emptying out the drawer I found old medicines, safety pins thrown all over the drawers, old razors, and old I MEAN old makeup products. Everything was thrown out and I only kept things I would defiantly use.

a hot mess!

Here is the picture of what it looked like when I started to clean it out. Notice the safety pins.

 I decided to line the drawer.. BUT I did not have any lining paper so I improvised. The back of wrapping paper cut to measure and installed with double sided tape. It did the job well enough and if it gets messy I will pick up some lining paper on my next visit to the dollar store.

 The finished project.

I used the long baskets for lose razors and tweezers, and nail clippers. The front basket is holding my most used pallets The smaller basket is holding razor refills and the next bar of soap that will be used in the shower.  I placed the glass jars I had on top of the counter in the drawer to keep then cotton balls and Q-tips. And in the back of the drawer just placed some tubes of products that I don’t use everyday but do use.

I would have continued to do the entire bathroom sink area but my lil monkey woke up.

Hope you like how I organized it.


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