Frumpy Me… time for a change!

When I was younger I used to be a lot more stylish and loved wearing my heels everyday to work. But for some time now and especially after giving birth to my son I have fallen into MISS FRUMP GIRL mode. I started to  dress in clothes that would stretch, no zippers or buttons. The elastic waistband became my best friend. I literally had amassed a collection of leggings, yoga pants and long sleeve cropped top and V-neck T-shirts. I became ashamed of my post baby body and the lack of any type of energy to do anything about it.
Then a nice friend of mine told me one day.. “Have you seen Chelsey lately? She had this one episode where she had a big board and would make people take of clothes she saw as truly ugly and hang them there” She was talking about my red sweat pants that FELT SO GOOD on but I guess to her eyes was not to appealing. She literally wanted to cut them off my body and hang them up to show just how ugly they were. Well need less to say I never wore those to work again, but it also got me thinking I can do better even if I am a plus size gal. I can do better! So here you have me in skinny jeans a sweater and my new Trim Booties. It’s going to be a slow start but I am going to succeed. Now don’t think I broke the bank either. Avon had a great sale even thought they are marked at 49.99 I purchased two pairs of shoes and received one for 50% off.
I’ve also been experimenting with make up and hair. Today my hair is down in soft curls which took about 25 min to style and I’m also wearing very light make up that consist of the following products:
•               Urban Decay Urban defense tinted moisturizer in Bodyguard
•               Urban Decay Baked bronzer
•               Too Faced Natural eyes Pallet using the shades of Heaven, Velvet Revolver and Push up
•               Mark Make it big mascara
•               Cover girl NatureLuxe gloss balm in Clay Agile 260
This look didn’t take me more then 5 minutes tops.
I promise myself to put FRUMP GIRL in the closet two out of the five days of the work week. Slowly but surely making this an everyday type of look.

New Trim Booties from Avon

I do have to say, I love my new Trim Booties from Avon . They have cushion walk so even though they are 4” high they still are very comfortable . There designed with a cushion walk insole that resembles having a pillow under my feet. I always would see ladies with these type of bootis and envisioned my feet hurting in them, but my new Trim Booties have changed my mind.
Want your own pair of stylish booties go to
All orders can be placed and sent directly to your home.
Let me know what you think.
Thanks for reading.

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