Inspiration found even on a Frumpy day.

I have to say, I’ve had a good run of frump days but this past weekend I missed looking at myself and feeling pretty.  I realized I could wear jeans and still feel comfortable. Throw on some Khaki pants with some stretch in them and they almost (I did say almost but not quiet) resemble a good pair of yoga pants. I know I have a long way to go before I have a collection of clothing that scream style. Comfortable enough for everyday wear at the office, and equally comfy running after a 2 year old at the park. But I think waking up today I realizing that “wow, I miss fixing myself up.” This realization has brought me that much closer to my goal.  

It’s not just about the clothes either.  In the past I would wash my hair, comb it out maybe add some leave in conditioner and then just wrap it up in a high bun on top of my hair letting any fly a ways do  just that, fly all over my face. I would once a day run my hands over my hair to attempt to smooth it out with the oil it had accumulated thru out the day. Today since I find myself working from home I did just that. As I took a look in the mirror I felt uneasy, I looked dis-shelved. I realized I’d be leaving the house to drop of my son with my bed head look. If anything I should have put some gel or a dab of mouse in to the rat’s nest I call hair in order to create an easy updo or pony tail. All techniques I promised myself I will learn with the help of the many how to videos uploaded to . Nothing comes overnight, I know this. I slowly but surely sunk myself into this stage of my life I call Frumphood. It’s just a matter of me telling myself everyday “hey Mommy 4, get up and get it done.”

Another obstacle I have is my budget. I thought “I can’t afford to dress nice. All those super cute items have to have a high price tag.” I understand quality comes at a price but if you put your mind to it and tons of patience you will find dupes to make the perfect look. Plus you don’t wear your labels on the outside of your clothes why should that stop you from looking your absolute best. For example take a great fitting pair of jeans with clean sneakers and a great curve enhancing T-shirt.  Add some bling with some nice earnings and/or necklace that sits just in the curve of the neck and you have the perfect outfit.  For the office you can throw on some flats (see picture below) and on your way home to get the kids you can change those flats for some sneakers and you are good to go.

Super comfy flats

Purchased thru Avon on clearance.

Now I’m a mom on a budget so nothing is ever purchased at full price. Target has been my favorite place lately for super cute clearance shirts and sweaters. Already on clearance it’s marked down to a decent price, but pair it with a target coupon and you can save big bucks$$$. Target coupons can be found on on their coupons page. Just print and save. Discount stores such as Ross, Marshall’s and Nordstrom Rack have also in my experience been great places to find beautiful clothes at great prices. Just like I said earlier, patience is the key.  The times I’ve run in there frantic is the worst. I don’t take the time to actually look thru the racks for my size and style.  It’s there, just waiting to be plucked and worn!

Super comfy Shoes

Notice the tag- Another clearance find at Target

I don’t thnk I will ever be the type of woman that shuns yoga pants or dare I say it, wears a velour track suits with heels, but I will be the type of woman that no matter what I put on that day, I will wear it cleanly and with style. No more sweats pants with holes, or mis- matched socks.  (Hanging head in shame)  Somehow I allowed motherhood to ruin my sense of style, of common clothes sense and of pride in self. NO MAS! (No more!)

Would love to hear where you find your great inexpensive buys..


One thought on “Inspiration found even on a Frumpy day.

  1. Love the Avon shoes! Target is the best!!!! I have found myself many lunch times cruising through the clearance section and finding some great deals. Post some pics of your outfits chica!

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