A S.M.H type of morning.

As I was standing in my living room packing up my monkeys backpack and making sure I have everything in my purse I stopped, looked around and realized I live in chaos. My place is not huge but I think I have a good sized apartment. There is absolutely no reason to have messes in every corner. There is no reason my living room looks like a war zone where clothes, blankets, and toys meet there dome. The kitchen area is a disaster. When did I make that mess? I know my monkey eats but geeez does he have to have a bowl for each item?

When did I allow my life to be so unorganized, so messy so chaotic? I feel very strongly that the messes in my home reflect the mess in my body. I also feel that those unorganized areas in my living space don’t allow my energy to move forward in a positive way. I stood there shaking my head (SMH), and making a mental check list on where to start to organize the chaos I call my life. Mentally I said, clothes first, then kitchen area, living room space, bedroom, bathroom and linen closets. I have a closet in my entry way I could utilize as well. I had all these great ideas running in my mind, feeling excited and eager to start. Then, I hear it. Skidding breaks in my mind (screeeeeechhhhhh) how can I possibly do all this and still come home, spend time with my son, exercise and most importantly sleep. There is something to say about having a support system in your home. Having your mate, your partner, your lover, your husband there to help with just these occasion’s. Unfortunately, mine decided it was too much at this time in his life, hello your 41 but that’s a whole other issue.  

So being faced with it just being me, which I don’t mind most of the time, unless it’s for situations like this. Time time time where are you .Who can we petition for more hours in a day. Maybe the sun can delay its bed time to give me more time. Yeah right. Do I wait until the mess grows legs and moves on its own or do I find 15 minutes a day to do something about it? Just like everything else I know I cannot do this in one day. But I do know this is a project that I have to embrace and follow thru with. Not only for myself but for my son.

 I would love suggestions on how you keep your home organized while still spending quality time with your family.

Check back for photos and results from my first successful change.


2 thoughts on “A S.M.H type of morning.

  1. I feel you on this one… even with a husband and with older kids who can do some of the clean up I still look around and wonder where the mess came from and how it’s going to go away. I think focusing on a few minutes at a time is where it’s at. There are a lot of sites/blogs out there that will give you tips and tricks. Find what works for you and don’t forget that the mess didn’t happen in 15 minutes so you won’t be able to get rid of it in 15 minutes. You’ll have to do a little bit at a time.

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