Me no like hospitals

I have to officially say that I hashtag #DISLIKE the emergency room. Today I had to take my mother into the emergency room and I hope we don’t have to visit anytime soon. But she will stay at the hospital, at least for tonight. I did experience the emergency room a few time the first year of my son’s life as he developed phenomena and its nothing exciting but its scary,  just to be in a place like that.  The long wait coupled by the amount of people asking the same questions just made me so cranky.  I don’t pretend to know how the system works but I do know that what we pay in health care is ridiculous for the level of coverage we are offered.

I have not forgotten my post of my haul and my make up haul. Those will be posted soon. PROMISE.

Thanks for letting me do a mini rant.. I gotta pack up some things and back I go.


My dirty little secret.. shhhhh

* A week late on this post. I held a fear of posting my actual weight, but it’s the only way I will hold my self accountable. Please note I have updated the weight for this Monday’s weight in. and I will post a follow up on what my diet looked like last week. I did not exercise at all which makes me so mad at myself. But with me posting this post, I’m making the effort to wake up an hour early to exercise.

 January has come and gone and my weight loss goal has been completely dismissed for at least that month. So here we are Feb 6th and I need to focus on my weight loss NOW. My 35th year is coming up quick and I don’t see me waking up 30 lbs lighter with out actually putting in the work. So here goes, the awful truth, my weight.

Yesterday I opened up my fridge and threw out everything that was no good for me. I know what my son eats so I did not touch those items and for the most part I’m good at not eating his yummy food that I know he loves. I try to shop smart, with coupons in hand to avoid any sudden shopping trips.. HEE HEE So working with a clean canvas I put together my coupons and off to the store I go. Unfortunately the items I will mainly be eating don’t have coupons but I can save and stock up on basic staples, cereal, oatmeal, waffles, juices, yogurts and eggs. I can at this moment avoid buying these for at least 4 weeks. As I start to get more organized I will start to do my match ups with coupons and ads for my local supermarkets. But back to my weight loss, I purchased veggies and fruits for the week. I plan on having a salad for lunch everyday changing things up by adding turkey, ham or even chicken breast. I will venture into fish in the next few weeks as I’m not good at cooking. Steamed veggies no butter sauce is also something I want to try to cook.

My problem is I need simplicity, but would love variety as well. I actually don’t see myself eating the same thing everyday. I would love to add some salami, cheese, bacon bits and croutons but of course that would completely throw the ideal of a low calorie lunch out the window. Another big problem I love SODA. Yes I said it I have an addiction to soda that is out of control. That problem started when I was in college. I never drank coffee and I used it to wake me up, eventually not needing the caffeine but the sugar of it completely hooked me. Actually I don’t think it’s the sugar that I’m addicted to it’s the secret ingredient that makes a coke a COKE. I won’t discriminate against Coca Cola or Pepsi or even the store brand. Today I tried something new.  I filled a cup with bubbly water and a squirt of cola to have the flavor. I’m starting with 50 soda water and 50% of soda. As the week progresses I will change the ratio to more water then actual soda. Eventually ill just need a squirt and then eventually I would have acquired the taste of soda water and not so much of the soda. I did attempt to stop drinking cold monkey but I developed really bad headaches and an awful mood that I don’t wish to inflict on my family or my friends.  

 So with that said, here I go. The numbers I dread to see but have to admit to myself it’s not where I want to be

So here go the stats:

  • February 6, 2012 = weight 194lbs (shame)
  • February 13, 2012 Weight 191lbs

 2012 is going to be my year. I cant wait to share this journey with all of you guys.

Readingand Wine’n! The book club’s first meeting.

It’s official; I’m a member of a book club. We decided on a few books to read, a time line, and what we are mostly interested in. Then for the rest of the 6.5 hours we drank yummy red wine and apple cider, ate off platters of cheese, that included, cheddar, brie, blue cheese and mozzarella wrapped around peppers and hot salami, some hummus and a apple onion spread to top off the crackers and bread. Let’s not forget the fruit and veggies to complete the wonderful spread.  But honestly, it was a wonderful experience to get together with women of different interest and share our likes with others. I look forward to reading what they have selected and expanding my own library.

As a single mom of a 2 year old I rarely get a chance to interact with adult women that are not my co workers so I have to say I had a wonderful time getting reacquainted with my friends from the past and bringing my cousin into the mix. The group is comprised of 5 woman, Marcia, my sister, high school friends Molly and Gabriela and my cousin Gracia, who by the way got introduced to twitter as well.. HEE HEE. As I mentioned earlier we had a 7 hour meeting but honestly the time flew by too quickly. Talking about books, music, family, life, womanhood, no topic was untouched. Even couponing which is a new found love of mine came up.  I sat there on the floor just sipping my wine, feeling like I was 16 again hanging with my girls and laughing so hard my stomach hurt.

The first book we decided to read was Dating a Cougar – Book one of the Never to Late Series by Donna McDonald. And the best part was if you have the kindle app or a kindle you can right now get this book for zero dollars thru Amazon. Who said free books are no good. So far as I type this one gal pal has finished the book and another is half way thru. After we are done with this book we are moving on to The Hunger Games Trilogy. I have heard amazing reviews and from what I hear a movie is coming out as well.  I look forward to our next meeting where we will be discussing Dating a Cougar and if we all got a chance at least the first book in the trilogy to The Hunger Games.

On another note, Marcia took the opportunity to also introduce us to some fabulous products in conjunction with and One of the products was a Tide Pen. I know we have all seen this products but I have to say. I will the next time I’m at Target be purchasing about 3 of them, one for the kitchen, one for the purse and one for the office. I saw how this tiny pen removed red wine from a white blouse and from a sofa pillow. As a mom to a very rambunctious little boy I have seen so many clothes stained and tossed. Now I know that grape juice and poop stains can come right out pre wash.  We were giving samples and a super cute bracelet that symbolizes the pride we have as Latin Women.

In the past 34 going on 35 yrs of life I’ve come to realizes that it’s important to be surrounded by laughter and love. Sometimes we might not have the perfect mate or even have a mate to face the world with but if you know how to be happy with life, life will reward you in so many ways. I believe my friends and family are my reward. Ok enought mushy talk.. Lets get to reading.

 *Please note I am not paid by any company to endorse any products and all reviews are from my personal experience and personally purchased with my own funds.

* Thank you Marcia for the great book club logo.


The Valentine Swap- My Swag<3 <3

Thanks to alissa & caroline I was paired up with Lauren of Warm and Fuzzy to participate in a Valentines swap of some of our favorites things. This was my first swap and I’m still pretty new to the Blogging community. My friend Gabriela of Living la Vida Normal encouraged me to participate so I can see other great blogs by great women.

 The anticipation was killing me to see what I would get. I am very pleased to report that I got some great swag. One of my favorite magazines Lucky Magazine, two beautiful kitchen towels and a 5 dollar target gift card WOOT WOOT!!

This was a great experience and I cant wait to participate in the next swap..

Check out all the crafty women this swap is linked with


Farewell D…First Happy Hour in 2 Yrs. LOL

A dear coworker has found another job and this was her farewell Happy Hour. The big deal for me is that I had basically put off going to any Happy Hours since my son was born. Well HUGE thanks you’s go out to my sister for watching my son as I celebrated with my co workers.

I’m hoping that I don’t wait another two years to attend another Happy Hour with my dear friends.  The calamari and nachos were yummy, the margarita was DEEEliishh and the people were great.

Its my BED!! Its my BED!!

Its 2am and I hear the famous “Mommy”. I ignore him, maybe he’ll go back to sleep. Then the whining starts, a small wiper and then the loud “MOMMY” followed by a shriek. I jump up, stub my toe and ask him “What’s Wrong”. He wraps his arms around me and practically climbs on top of me. Again.. Its 2am.. Automatically I go to my bed and lay down with him. This tiny sneaky person cuddles up to my pillow and almost immediately goes back to sleep. As I stand there looking at the dark mass who took over my pillow and blankets I wonder how did I get duped once again. I nudge him over and make myself as comfortable as possible in the 2 inch of space he has left me. At 6am I wake up my neck is all twisted my back is hurting from every angle and my knee has locked up due to the position it had been in for the last 4 hours. As I look over at my lovely angelic looking son, snoring snuggled up warm and comfy, I feel horrible that in 30 min I have to wake him up to get our morning going.

Now this has been going on for a while and last night my son decided to move that wake up time from 2am to about 11pm. WHY?????????? So ok because I’m weak and extremely tired I allow him to co-sleeps with me. Yes I know I’m shamed enough that I did this. At 11pm when I’m extremely worn out I think, one day won’t hurt I can wake up later and place him in his crib. And I did that, but he knew I was trying to move him; he woke up and kept saying NO NO NO NO. Fine back to bed we go.

So now I ask.. What is the intrigue of sleeping in the big bed? You have your crib; with a newer mattress then the one I sleep on, you have pillow pets and fuzzy blankets. Honestly once you are asleep you won’t even notice the difference, I think. What’s the intrigue of sleeping in my bed? And not only on my bed but once in my bed on the actual pillow my head is on. I would say he wants to nuzzle with me but that’s not the case. He clearly does not want me holding him or leaning against him. I get pushed me away or he lifts up my arms and moves them away from him.

I think have seen enough episodes of  Supernanny’s to know that he can clearly sleep in his crib. After just a few nights of crying for a couple hours he will come to understand that bed time means in his own crib. Well, although this is a great concept and I would be more then willing to try this. My neighbors, who also work might not appreciate the crying in the middle of the night. I’m pretty sure after the second night of painful cries from a baby I would get a knock on my door by the Police department asking if something is wrong or a wonderful note stuck to my door by the management staff of my apartment complex. I wonder how Supernanny would handle that. Hence my dilemma.

Can I trick myself into thinking this is just a phase? I wonder if he had his own bed instead of a crib would he stay in it all night. I guess at 28 months we can attempt a toddler bed. I don’t really know how many more days of harsh sleep I can take. As it is I’ve been walking around like the living dead. But zombies are in now. So I must look super H. O. T!!