Its my BED!! Its my BED!!

Its 2am and I hear the famous “Mommy”. I ignore him, maybe he’ll go back to sleep. Then the whining starts, a small wiper and then the loud “MOMMY” followed by a shriek. I jump up, stub my toe and ask him “What’s Wrong”. He wraps his arms around me and practically climbs on top of me. Again.. Its 2am.. Automatically I go to my bed and lay down with him. This tiny sneaky person cuddles up to my pillow and almost immediately goes back to sleep. As I stand there looking at the dark mass who took over my pillow and blankets I wonder how did I get duped once again. I nudge him over and make myself as comfortable as possible in the 2 inch of space he has left me. At 6am I wake up my neck is all twisted my back is hurting from every angle and my knee has locked up due to the position it had been in for the last 4 hours. As I look over at my lovely angelic looking son, snoring snuggled up warm and comfy, I feel horrible that in 30 min I have to wake him up to get our morning going.

Now this has been going on for a while and last night my son decided to move that wake up time from 2am to about 11pm. WHY?????????? So ok because I’m weak and extremely tired I allow him to co-sleeps with me. Yes I know I’m shamed enough that I did this. At 11pm when I’m extremely worn out I think, one day won’t hurt I can wake up later and place him in his crib. And I did that, but he knew I was trying to move him; he woke up and kept saying NO NO NO NO. Fine back to bed we go.

So now I ask.. What is the intrigue of sleeping in the big bed? You have your crib; with a newer mattress then the one I sleep on, you have pillow pets and fuzzy blankets. Honestly once you are asleep you won’t even notice the difference, I think. What’s the intrigue of sleeping in my bed? And not only on my bed but once in my bed on the actual pillow my head is on. I would say he wants to nuzzle with me but that’s not the case. He clearly does not want me holding him or leaning against him. I get pushed me away or he lifts up my arms and moves them away from him.

I think have seen enough episodes of  Supernanny’s to know that he can clearly sleep in his crib. After just a few nights of crying for a couple hours he will come to understand that bed time means in his own crib. Well, although this is a great concept and I would be more then willing to try this. My neighbors, who also work might not appreciate the crying in the middle of the night. I’m pretty sure after the second night of painful cries from a baby I would get a knock on my door by the Police department asking if something is wrong or a wonderful note stuck to my door by the management staff of my apartment complex. I wonder how Supernanny would handle that. Hence my dilemma.

Can I trick myself into thinking this is just a phase? I wonder if he had his own bed instead of a crib would he stay in it all night. I guess at 28 months we can attempt a toddler bed. I don’t really know how many more days of harsh sleep I can take. As it is I’ve been walking around like the living dead. But zombies are in now. So I must look super H. O. T!!


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