Readingand Wine’n! The book club’s first meeting.

It’s official; I’m a member of a book club. We decided on a few books to read, a time line, and what we are mostly interested in. Then for the rest of the 6.5 hours we drank yummy red wine and apple cider, ate off platters of cheese, that included, cheddar, brie, blue cheese and mozzarella wrapped around peppers and hot salami, some hummus and a apple onion spread to top off the crackers and bread. Let’s not forget the fruit and veggies to complete the wonderful spread.  But honestly, it was a wonderful experience to get together with women of different interest and share our likes with others. I look forward to reading what they have selected and expanding my own library.

As a single mom of a 2 year old I rarely get a chance to interact with adult women that are not my co workers so I have to say I had a wonderful time getting reacquainted with my friends from the past and bringing my cousin into the mix. The group is comprised of 5 woman, Marcia, my sister, high school friends Molly and Gabriela and my cousin Gracia, who by the way got introduced to twitter as well.. HEE HEE. As I mentioned earlier we had a 7 hour meeting but honestly the time flew by too quickly. Talking about books, music, family, life, womanhood, no topic was untouched. Even couponing which is a new found love of mine came up.  I sat there on the floor just sipping my wine, feeling like I was 16 again hanging with my girls and laughing so hard my stomach hurt.

The first book we decided to read was Dating a Cougar – Book one of the Never to Late Series by Donna McDonald. And the best part was if you have the kindle app or a kindle you can right now get this book for zero dollars thru Amazon. Who said free books are no good. So far as I type this one gal pal has finished the book and another is half way thru. After we are done with this book we are moving on to The Hunger Games Trilogy. I have heard amazing reviews and from what I hear a movie is coming out as well.  I look forward to our next meeting where we will be discussing Dating a Cougar and if we all got a chance at least the first book in the trilogy to The Hunger Games.

On another note, Marcia took the opportunity to also introduce us to some fabulous products in conjunction with and One of the products was a Tide Pen. I know we have all seen this products but I have to say. I will the next time I’m at Target be purchasing about 3 of them, one for the kitchen, one for the purse and one for the office. I saw how this tiny pen removed red wine from a white blouse and from a sofa pillow. As a mom to a very rambunctious little boy I have seen so many clothes stained and tossed. Now I know that grape juice and poop stains can come right out pre wash.  We were giving samples and a super cute bracelet that symbolizes the pride we have as Latin Women.

In the past 34 going on 35 yrs of life I’ve come to realizes that it’s important to be surrounded by laughter and love. Sometimes we might not have the perfect mate or even have a mate to face the world with but if you know how to be happy with life, life will reward you in so many ways. I believe my friends and family are my reward. Ok enought mushy talk.. Lets get to reading.

 *Please note I am not paid by any company to endorse any products and all reviews are from my personal experience and personally purchased with my own funds.

* Thank you Marcia for the great book club logo.



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