My dirty little secret.. shhhhh

* A week late on this post. I held a fear of posting my actual weight, but it’s the only way I will hold my self accountable. Please note I have updated the weight for this Monday’s weight in. and I will post a follow up on what my diet looked like last week. I did not exercise at all which makes me so mad at myself. But with me posting this post, I’m making the effort to wake up an hour early to exercise.

 January has come and gone and my weight loss goal has been completely dismissed for at least that month. So here we are Feb 6th and I need to focus on my weight loss NOW. My 35th year is coming up quick and I don’t see me waking up 30 lbs lighter with out actually putting in the work. So here goes, the awful truth, my weight.

Yesterday I opened up my fridge and threw out everything that was no good for me. I know what my son eats so I did not touch those items and for the most part I’m good at not eating his yummy food that I know he loves. I try to shop smart, with coupons in hand to avoid any sudden shopping trips.. HEE HEE So working with a clean canvas I put together my coupons and off to the store I go. Unfortunately the items I will mainly be eating don’t have coupons but I can save and stock up on basic staples, cereal, oatmeal, waffles, juices, yogurts and eggs. I can at this moment avoid buying these for at least 4 weeks. As I start to get more organized I will start to do my match ups with coupons and ads for my local supermarkets. But back to my weight loss, I purchased veggies and fruits for the week. I plan on having a salad for lunch everyday changing things up by adding turkey, ham or even chicken breast. I will venture into fish in the next few weeks as I’m not good at cooking. Steamed veggies no butter sauce is also something I want to try to cook.

My problem is I need simplicity, but would love variety as well. I actually don’t see myself eating the same thing everyday. I would love to add some salami, cheese, bacon bits and croutons but of course that would completely throw the ideal of a low calorie lunch out the window. Another big problem I love SODA. Yes I said it I have an addiction to soda that is out of control. That problem started when I was in college. I never drank coffee and I used it to wake me up, eventually not needing the caffeine but the sugar of it completely hooked me. Actually I don’t think it’s the sugar that I’m addicted to it’s the secret ingredient that makes a coke a COKE. I won’t discriminate against Coca Cola or Pepsi or even the store brand. Today I tried something new.  I filled a cup with bubbly water and a squirt of cola to have the flavor. I’m starting with 50 soda water and 50% of soda. As the week progresses I will change the ratio to more water then actual soda. Eventually ill just need a squirt and then eventually I would have acquired the taste of soda water and not so much of the soda. I did attempt to stop drinking cold monkey but I developed really bad headaches and an awful mood that I don’t wish to inflict on my family or my friends.  

 So with that said, here I go. The numbers I dread to see but have to admit to myself it’s not where I want to be

So here go the stats:

  • February 6, 2012 = weight 194lbs (shame)
  • February 13, 2012 Weight 191lbs

 2012 is going to be my year. I cant wait to share this journey with all of you guys.


One thought on “My dirty little secret.. shhhhh

  1. You can do it!!! The fact that you put yourself out there is a start! Do it for you and litle monkey! You will fill better! I am going to try and lose some weight too! I’m with ya chica!

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