Me no like hospitals

I have to officially say that I hashtag #DISLIKE the emergency room. Today I had to take my mother into the emergency room and I hope we don’t have to visit anytime soon. But she will stay at the hospital, at least for tonight. I did experience the emergency room a few time the first year of my son’s life as he developed phenomena and its nothing exciting but its scary,  just to be in a place like that.  The long wait coupled by the amount of people asking the same questions just made me so cranky.  I don’t pretend to know how the system works but I do know that what we pay in health care is ridiculous for the level of coverage we are offered.

I have not forgotten my post of my haul and my make up haul. Those will be posted soon. PROMISE.

Thanks for letting me do a mini rant.. I gotta pack up some things and back I go.


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