Make Up Haul -Finally up. PHEWWWWWWWW

I love getting new things especially when its things that are going towards my new goal. I am obsessed with make up. I have a secret collection that one day ill show. Its make up I’ve started to collect in hopes that ill do something with it. But for now, here is a sneak peek at what I received a few weeks ago.

Item 1 – Super Shock mascara from Avon – I have to say this is my favorite mascara on the market right now. I have a few brands but this is my go to when I just want great volume with out the extra swipes.

Item 2 -Mosaic White nail enamel from Avon- I have yet to try this because on one of those days where you chip a nail and suddenly they all chip I cut them all down but I am eagerly waiting to give this a try. It’s advertised as a crackle effect on your nails.

Item 3 and 4 -Perfect eyebrow pencil in both black and brown – I tend to use the brown for a day look so its not so bold and the black at night when I’ve applied a heavier make up. They both glide on softly and blend out very well.

Item 5 – Marks all the highlights- – This has to be the prettiest Highlighter I have seen thus far. I doubt i will be sticking my brush in that anytime soon.

Items not shown.

Item 6 – Beauty blender sponge- I’ve heard great things about this foundation applying tool.

Item 7 – Revlon Photo ready primer – this primer went on smooth and dried quickly. It did help my foundation go on smooth and kept it on all day. I do have oily skin so it did work for keeping it put.

Item 8 –Revlon Photo Ready Concelor – Have yet to use. But I hope its as smooth as my cover girl concelor.

I hope to use the nail polish soon. With Spring just around the corner and easter quickly approaching I hope to paint my nails like easter eggs with a lovely crackle to it. CANT WAIT..

** This post has taken me two weeks in the making. My family has had an emergency that has left me very little time to blog. I ask that you please send positive vibes to my family as my mother has been sick. I do hope to update everyone with good news very soon, As I am very optimistc that all will work out.

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