<3 The HEARTships of being Ian’s mom <3

*The title was inspired by mommy 5 as she listens to mint condition. Taking it back to the old skool

Hello.. I know I have been neglecting my lovely blog. So many things have been going on and let me tell you when it rains it pours’. My mother’s health is still a big concern for me especially with her recent stay at the hospital. It’s more difficult that because of the need to make money and being a single mom of a two year old I was unable to really go visit my mom as much as I wanted. Unfortunately I exhausted my vacation earlier this year and now I’m in a pickle. But I’ve been trying to come in early and on weekends to make up my time. AHHH, the woes of a single mommy-hood. Once I’m sure about what my mother actually has, I’ll write a post about it. This all happened out of nowhere so I want to sit and think if maybe we missed symptoms or she did anything different that would open her up. My mother has a theory about what brought this on. She blames the Flu shot she received last year. Ever since then she’s had phenomena and her health has gone down hill. But, I have faith in the doctors at the hospital that they will find what afflicts her and what the proper treatment for her would be.

 As far as the weight loss goes, I think I have failed big time. I am now down to 191, which is not the big loss I anticipated. But then again I have not worked out or really watched what I eat. I normally don’t eat that much and I believe that’s one of my major issues. Growing up with the recommendation from my pediatrician that I watch what I eat, keep food journals and not eat so much, I’ve developed a complex where I hate to eat, I love food but I hate to eat.  Then why am I big? I once was told that in order to lose weight I have to feed my system so it works and not store the food turning it into fat. I basically say my metabolism is hibernating and only active when I actually eat. So theoretically, if I eat around 1500 cal a day, (that is mind blowing to me) and exercise moderately for 1 hour a day I’m sure the pounds would just drop. But how do I go from tracking my calorie intake from 800 cal a day to incorporating 1500 calories. And don’t get me wrong I’m sure a few trips a day to McDonalds will do this, but I don’t see myself being a fast food junkie. I have to eat healthy meals full of fruit, veggies and lean meats. IMAGINE the amount of food that is. Overwhelming for a person who has spent most of her life watching what she eats.

The next thing in my life right now that has taken me away from my precious blog is~MOVING~. Yup I am moving back home to help care for my mommy and its so overwhelming to me. I swear if I had the money I would have already paid someone to come organize my stuff, pack it and move it out. I look at the stuff I have accumulated and I freak out. I think how in the hell did I accumulate this stuff. I figured most, if not all of my furniture will be placed into storage. The goal is to eventually sell off most of it. I have absolutely no attachment to any of it since my now ex- boyfriend purchased all of it. Of course I was present to give my opinion but since it was his cash-olas that were making the purchases I went along with it.  Now if I have someone that wants to buy it, great and with what I make I’ll get a chance to slowly purchase items I will value and treasure. It’s not just my crap either. For a 2 year old Ian sure has a growing collection of clothes, toys and books. All items I will need t o also organize.  Thankfully Ian will have his own room so his crib and dresser will have a place, the closet will hold most of everything else he has and I will have to consolidate his toys and donate anything else he has outgrown. I had hopes to sell off some of his clothes that he hardly wore and/or are in great condition. As for my clothes, I will take this time to organize my items, determine what I really want and get rid of the rest. All my friends tell me make three piles, TOSS, KEEP, DONATE. This whole process will be a fresh start for me and my son. Leaving behind everything that brings me down. Ill keep you posted on how this whole moving thing works out for me. I’m starting to get the shakes just thinking about it. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Someone please pass me the vino

On a super positive side, this weekend is our monthly book club meeting and I will be welcoming the ladies with open arms as I need some good time with my dear friends , good books, great conversation and of course yummy food. It’s going to be Saint Patties day so we will be wearing green, eating Irish food and drinking Guinness with some Baileys in it, I believe that’s called Irish car bomb. MMMMMMMM. Now I’m off to find my favorite passages from the two books we read, which was our assignment. Yes my book club gives assignments.


One thought on “<3 The HEARTships of being Ian’s mom <3

  1. I think for your height that you don’t need to eat 1500 calories. You should find a website where you can find how many calories you need to eat for your height. Also you want to make sure you’re eating the right foods. I think it is important to be honest with yourself and what you eat. It’s also not about just how many calories you are eating, but having the right type of calories. You can eat 10 candy bars and make up the calories but that is sugar. If you are eating fruits, veggies, fish, etc. those calories are better for you. You also have to factor in calories from what you drink. Just imagine how many calories a coke has in it 🙂 Again, those are empty calories so you aren’t getting any nutrition from those calories. Focus on healthy eating chica!

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