Monday weight in and my hair brain idea..

Monday March 19, 2012 weight in was 191lbs. No loss or gain since last week so that makes me very happy. Like I mentioned in my last post I have stalled with my lack of exercise and not following a diet. But I did brainstorm on ways to help motivate myself to get stuff done.

Here are my hair brain ideas.

1)     April will be no soda month. I will take it one day at a time but I’m giving myself a mini goal of just one month.

2)     Where ever I go I will take the stairs. I work on the 5th floor and the café is on the 8th floor a few of those a day will work just fine to do mini exercise.

3)     WATER WATER WATER.. enough said!

Those will be my April goals. I will find suitable substitutions for my soda addiction which will include a simple suggestion I got from one of the ladies in my book club over the weekend. She shared that some juice with sparkling mineral water will be super yummy. I will also try to infuse waters with flavors so I can get my water and my sweet taste in. I’m still working on the menu to my diet, tons of veggies fish and chicken. Fruit for snack and breakfast. Defiantly thinking no bread, dairy, or refined sugars like candy and or soda. Most of my meals will need to be made ahead of time as making meals in the AM is not my best asset. I’m usually like a chicken with my head cut off in the morning. Trying to get me out the door looking decent and getting the kiddo up and dressed.

I’m actually hoping that moving in with my mom and sister will be more help with Ian so that I can actually work out before midnight. LOL I am usually so tired that I don’t get a chance to work out once Ian is out for the night. I usually do dishes, clean up toys, prepare my monkeys bag, my clothes and then it can be close to 11pm when I start to get ready for bed. I’m sure no working out at 11pm I’ll be up all night if I do that. Plus, I love sleep so at 11pm I’m already counting down the hours I will get since I’m usually up by 5am ok 5:45am because I’m snoozing every 15 min.  But like I said. I LOVE SLEEP!!! And since I had the love of my life, Ian, I’ve gotten close to no sleep. Fine I have slept but, it will never be the same kind of sleep I used to have before my monkey was born.

So that’s the plan.. let’s hope I stick to it this time. Get up.. get going.. burn baby burn.. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! I CAN DO IT!!!


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