I’m Moving. Nuff said.

If you have moved in the last 5 years you might remember the horror of trying to pack your life in the amount of boxes and bins you purchased while trying to organize it all. With the inevitable move out day approaching I hope not to grab my Glad strong garbage bags and just shovel it all in. After 5 years I have accumulated so much stuff, blankets, frames, kitchen spoons, colanders, cups, glasses, throw pillows, DVD’s, and of course BABY ITEMS.

Wow having a kid sure bring not only a crying, pooping baby to the house but a huge amount of crap that I never really used. If I ever do have another child I will not buy things like, a bottle warmer, or diaper organizer, blankets made for only swaddling, baby shoes, and baby wipe warmer. All great items, but as I’m trying to grab the diapers from the organizer I kept pulling them all down because I tried to warm the wipers. Eventually, I just lugged the diapers around with the bin of wipes. Now that Ian is 2 ½ years old I barely even look at the baby stuff still sitting in the drawers. I found so many pacifiers that he never took, baby mittens that he McGyver’d out of every single time, swaddle blankets and tiny shoes that I never put on him since he seemed to always be sleeping. Duhh babies sleep.

Well after all my discoveries I have had to honestly sit and tell myself. “ ok Letty its time to KEEP, DONATE, TOSS” of course first round is mostly keep. Then because the universe if funny like that I stumble on an episode of hoarders and think I should do that again. Now some stuff have moved to the donate bin . Good, feeling better about my decisions I start to pack it up. That’s where I’m at now. The packing part. Boxes as far as my eyes can see. So much stuff going in boxes that I lose track. Can’t forget to label them because one day I will be saying, “ I swear I saw that wooden spoon when I was packing”

This weekend I’m getting a storage unit and some bubble wrap and finishing the final stages of packing all items, including clothing. Wish me luck because right now I need all the luck I can get.

Happy Packing..

Opppss looks like I might accidently have packed my monkey..



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