Hanging head in shame..

OK so Monday weight in was a no show. Since I have been in the process of moving I packed up the scale and now can’t seem to find it. But next week’s weight in will be in on time.

I am also so behind on my reading. With me moving I have lost grip on getting the books. I tried to borrow one book from my nook buddy Molly, but it’s not working. So I’m hoping I have enough time once I move in to read. I would hate to go to my meeting and not know what everyone is talking about.

But ok. Just wanted to update everyone on why no weight in this week.  But the moving is almost done. I cannot wait to be set up and have a place to call HOME!


2 thoughts on “Hanging head in shame..

  1. Um when did you get a Nook and why didn’t you tell me? We need to be nook buddies too woman! What are you reading now for your book club? I got invited by my co-worker to be apart of their book club which is comprised of all of two whole people 🙂 I will make up the third member. We haven’t had our first meeting yet. I need to read a good book! Haven’t read a really good book in awhile!

  2. No hanging head in shame allowed! You’re undertaking one of the most stressful situations in life: you’re moving AND you’re moving with a toddler. You’ll catch up with reading soon. I returned all the Never Too Late books to Molly, you should be able to borrow them.

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