Reading and Wine’n – 50 Shades of Giggle.

Our monthly meeting has come and gone. Thanks to Marcia and her Audible books and Molly for lending me her nook I have gotten thru the trilogy by E.L James, Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades Book 1), Fifty Shades Darker (Fifty Shades Book 2) and Fifty Shades Freed (Fifty Shades Book 3). Ignore the blazing blush my checks carried since I started this series of books, we started our meeting with giggles and wine. A book club is not a book club without some spirits.

As usual our book club is an all day affair, reviewing books we read, books we want to read and contemplating other subjects that life might bring us. We also enjoy the best homemade fare. I have to say we all made something super mouth watering yummy. We had fried chicken wings, mashed potatoes, turkey meatloaf, garlic bread and yummy mac and cheese. All homemade and all made with love.

I won’t ruin the books for you my darling readers but if you are open minded and like erotica I would highly recommend this series. I had a mixture of awe, dislike and love for the main character. It opened my mind to the possibilities in exploring ones limits. I am glad I found this series once the author finished writing them. I probably would have gone crazy with anticipation of the next book. If you are anything like me, your emotions will be all over the place but as my book club ladies kept saying to me “KEEP READING”  I did enjoy how the author followed the story from one book to the next not missing a beat, or leaving me feeling like I missed a huge chunk of life. This is defiantly not all “Hearts and Flowers”, but it will make your blood boil.

We also had the pleasure of having Gabriela picked to host a Sparks Party by House Party. Thus giving us our next book to read; The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks, turned into a movie starring Zac Efron. I will be reviewing this book at our next meeting. We as a group love hosting themed parties, as it gives us a chance to demo products we might not have normally purchased on our own. I’ve found some great products I gladly purchased after I was  introduced to thru a House Party event.

Reading and Winen April meeting.

If you are a part of a book club or love reading let me know if you have any suggestions for our club.


Where have my nails gone?

Things that happen when I feel stressed:

1)     Hair falls out.

2)     I become a grazer… Fatty statues..

3)     I day dream a lot – it’s the Pisces in me.

4)     I bite my nails. To the stub. Major ouch factor.


What I wish would happen

1)     Cleaned like if I had OCD.




But ideally not being stressed would be the best. I need to focus my mental energy to positive thoughts and actions. Find the peace I need to stand and fight. But here I am a stressed mess.

So I’m done moving, which means I moved my stuff from one place to another but it’s all still sitting in boxes piled in the living room and I am still rummaging thru my bins to dress myself in the morning. I concentrated more on moving my sons’ clothes into his room but me.. I look like a dam chicken without her head in the mornings trying to stick to my normal routine. It was horrific seeing all my stuff accumulate in the living room waiting to be unpacked. So of course when I come home I see the boxes and immediately my mind thinks MANANA or Tomorrow.

So back to my stress and the results.. NO MORE NAILS. So I ran out and purchased Nutra Nail – Touch of Color Strengthener with Green Tea Antioxidants. I’m coating my nails daily in this stuff in hopes that my new nails grow back stronger. I am totally stalking those fabulous nail colors out for the spring. I used to get acrylic nails done every other week but I’m so afraid I’m going to scratch my munchkin so I’m sticking to being all NATURAL!

But ok. A quick update on what the stress of moving has done to me. LOL I’m hoping to finally have everything done by the end of the month. Cross your fingers and toes.