Update: My no soda journey

Day 9– today I woke super exhausted. I had some coffee and still I could close my eyes and call it a day. I also realized my intake of water has reduced. I should be taking in a good 8 to 10 cups but I’m lucky if the 25oz I start out with is gone. I do have the desire to have something in my mouth at all times but not because I’m hungry. The craving for the sugary drink has diminished but at times I think just one cup won’t kill me but that would mean I’m off the wagon. I am actually happy to report the migraines have gone away. I started to think I would need to invest in a few bottles of my favorite pain reliever. The insomnia is still lingering but when I finally fall asleep I fall hard. So besides resorting to drinking energy drinks I am on the hunt for way to increase my energy. I want to start working out that’s my goal. I have tried to wake up but when I lay awake at night and my alarm goes off at 5am I find myself stumbling around thinking I need more sleep. My morning are harder as well as I get stuck just thinking and trying to sort out my thoughts. I have not done any research to find out what others have experienced during there detox. I realize that the black drink is very addictive and it’s so strange to now accept that concept. I thought hey in 5 days I might not want it anymore and feel more energy and not to bloated . But it’s not the case so far. I feel heavy and sluggish.

Day 10– I just drank a double shot of coffee I’m hoping this carries me to at least lunch time. Insomnia hit me again last night and at 5:30 am as my alarm proceeded to go off I woke up very sore and so sleepy. Hit the snooze and woke up scared at 6:10 am. I might be begging my sister tonight to make me some green juices to last me the rest of the week because drinking coffee is also not good for me. A friend told me today.. you are half way there to creating a habit. I sure hope so. Don’t get me wrong.. I still think of it. But this time I can actually just let the thought pass without the huge need to get up and go get a drink.

Personally I  don’t give soda to my son, who in my opinion is to young for sweets like that. Plus I have been struggling with this habit for a long time. My mother did not allow us to have sodas either but once I got old enough to run over to the corner market it was on. This might be why I only developed a love for colas and not the other types of soda.  I’m going to try my best to not expose Ian to soda. And with his mom not drinking it he’s less likely to drink it himself.

What have you found to be the hardest part of letting go of soda?

Mommy and Tot Day Out.

Habitot Children Museum – Mommy and Tot Day.

When someone says Museum you don’t automatically associate it as a place to take a 2 year old too. Just the thought of my kid running around a museum and the guard trying to get him off the huge dinosaur exhibit makes me cringe. But luckily for us there are museums that are geared towards young children (hearing trumpets in my head).

Yesterday we went to a Children’s Museum located in Berkeley, CA. Habitot Children Museum is a wonderful interactive museum with different displays that tots can crawl on , climb on , jump on, splash on and draw on. Habitot is designed for 1-5 year olds with great hands-on exhibits that encourage a kiddos natural curiosity.  Playing and learning all wrapped up in great exhibits. Habitot also offers summer programs and drop- in classes.  Kids learn so much just by playing. This is a safe environment for your kiddo to do just that.

My monkey had a constant smile plastered on his face and was so excited. He started in the Space Rocket Exhibit , he was able to get in and pretend to be an astronaut. He tried on the helmets and the jet pack. ADORABLE.  By far that was his favorite. The other exhibits included a store front complete with pretend food and cash registers, a water play area with a car wash, an art area with paint brushes with tons of paint and play doh, train tables  and some other fun areas for tots to play in.

This is defiantly a place I will be visiting again with my tot.  It’s great to see the world again from the eyes of a toddler.

What do you like to do in your community to inspire developmental grown in your preschooler?

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Day 4- saying goodbye to soda pop

OPPS.. its day 7 but here is my day 4 post.

It’s 4:29pm on Friday June 22 and my headache is returning with a vengeance. I wonder if it’s (the headache) is trying to get back at me for popping the pain meds early today?? Probably not! Even with the afternoon walk I took to get my daily dose of vitamin D, I still felt super sluggish after lunch. Well I’m on my way home now so I’m hoping the tail end of my day goes smoothly. Sadly my sister is not home today so I can’t test my theory that the magic green juice can make me feel better. Maybe I’ll ask her to whip one up for breakfast tomorrow, and see how the rest of my day goes. Also no over the top bad attitude either; which is good, because the last time I quit the black stuff, ie soda, I was a horribly moody person. I still have minor insomnia, last night I tossed and turned for three hours before finally catching some Z’s. Its starting to catch up with me. No soda and no sleep make a bad combo! A bright spot of my day I received my  order from Little Black Bag. I’ll be sure to post about that soon as well. Well the ex-mother in law is rumored to be coming by let’s hope I can keep my good attitude on for a few more hours.

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NCOD- Going Barely Nude- Nail color of the day..

Today’s nail color was inspired by the lovely men of Magic Mike, in theaters June 29,2012. Tonight I will be heading out with the book club members of  Reading & Winen, to check out the special screening of Magic Mike, advance screening passes thanks to 99.7NOW for hooking us up.  I decided to  let my nails speak volumes of what I’m eagerly going to see tonight on the big screen(shhh.. men dancing).

Today’s color is NailWear Pro BARE NECESSITY by Avon.  I’m loving this color right now because the color works well with my skin tone. With only one coat I achieved the color I was looking to have, with no smudging as it dried and a added plus it didn’t produce any bubbles. It’s either my lack of nail coloring talent or the product but I’ve had that happen to me in the past. Nailwear Pro advertises up to ten days of wear, but I’ll be happy if I get 4 days of no chip color. As a mommy of a toddler my hands go thru so much more. Avon Nail colors have proven to be very chip resistant in my opnion.

Interested in this color or other Avon colors click here and shop online. You do not have to have a Representative to order, Avon can now be delivered straight to you.

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It’s time that we part.. Good bye Soda Pop.

If you have not heard that lovely commercial airing now on local radio stations concerning the amount of sugar that is in a 12oz can of soda or a sports drink, it suddenly scared me that I was chugging 12 packets of sugar per drink. YIKES! I’m an avid thinker of no soda for kids so my son has never tasted a sip of soda but if I continued to keep drinking them myself I’m sure my son would one day get a taste of it.   This is defiantly something I don’t want to happen and I don’t want my son to have this monkey I call Soda POP on his back.

I have tried this process once when I was about 18 yrs old. At that time in my life I was chugging soda like my life depended on it. I must have drank 5 bottles a day starting as early as 7am. Now at age 35 I probably drink one soda a day and only because my job offers them for free. I have tried to not buy sodas in bulk and not keep them in the refrigerator  so that I’m not tempted to pull one out. Out of sight out of mind is my best strategy right now.

I decided I don’t need soda anymore. 12 packets of sugar a drink is too much and it’s not supportive to my ultimate weight loss goals.  I will be posting small blubs of how I’m holding up since I realize it won’t be an easy process.

Have you tried to eliminate sodas from your life?

Day 2 – No more soda

I have a huge headache that did not go away until around 8pm when my sister made me a Green Juice to drink. All day I pretty much walked around like a zombie. I did find myself getting up from my desk more to take walks outside.

Over all day 2 went ok and I was so happy my head ache went away. I do have to remember to drink more water, to help keep my system flushing.

Green Juice Recipe

A bunch of Romaine Lettuce

2 celery stalks

A bunch of Kale

½ lemon – (peel the lemon)

½ cup of water

Then BLEND BLEND BLEND then strain it with a Nut Milk bag (that is her way  of juicing)


NCOD- Nail Color of the Day

NCOD- Nail Color of the Day

In the past I hardly ever polished my nails let alone with a bold color. When I was younger I did get my nails done regularly but that was when I had the time to go down to Queens Nails , get the acrylic tips put on, and shelling out $25 bucks every two weeks. Well now I don’t have the time, or the money to shell out $50 bucks a month to get my nails. I am also afraid I might poke Ian’s face with my nails or scratch him so I’ve pretty much just kept my nails cut short.

But with all the great nail colors coming out I decided it’s time to include my nails in my transformation. No more Frump Mom nails. So here’s is the first (and not the last I hope) of NCOD- Nail Color of the day Postings.


Today’s nail colors are from AVON.

v  Speed Dry Nail Enamel – S311 Mocha Moka (Suggested retail $6.00)

v  Mosaic Effect Top Coat – White (Suggested retail $6.00)

v  Nail Experts UV Gloss Guard Top Coat – Clear (Suggested retail $6.50)

I’m loving the mosaic effect. True to the name Speed Dry is a fast drying nail enamel, by the time I got to my pinky the first two nails were dry. This is perfect for those on the go like me. And unlike some fast dry products a single coat was enough to give me a strong bold color and did not smear or shrink as it dried. The top coat has left a nice shine on my nails. The best part for me was the price I got all three products for. Avon has great sales and when it comes to nail colors they have a huge array that will make any girl giggle with glee and they frequently have great promotions.

Hope you enjoyed this post.. want to see more let me know.  What are you favorite colors??

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Interested in this color or Avon nail products  Click here . No need to know a Local Rep anymore Avon can now deliver straight to your home.

* please note all products were purchased with my own money and this is soley my own opinion.

Latest Book review – Reading and Winen book club

I have become a contributor blogger to the Reading and Winen blog that focuses on sharing great books we love.  Since joining Reading and Winen I’ve probably read over 10 books and not one of those books has let me down. I look forward to discovering new authors and sharing all the authors’ books I have learned to love in the last few years.

Enjoy my latest blog post reviewing a wonderful series by Donna Mcdonald.

Is it ever too late? A book review of the Never Too Late Series (click link)

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Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this article are solely of my own and not influenced in any way by anyone. No compensation was received for this post.