It’s time that we part.. Good bye Soda Pop.

If you have not heard that lovely commercial airing now on local radio stations concerning the amount of sugar that is in a 12oz can of soda or a sports drink, it suddenly scared me that I was chugging 12 packets of sugar per drink. YIKES! I’m an avid thinker of no soda for kids so my son has never tasted a sip of soda but if I continued to keep drinking them myself I’m sure my son would one day get a taste of it.   This is defiantly something I don’t want to happen and I don’t want my son to have this monkey I call Soda POP on his back.

I have tried this process once when I was about 18 yrs old. At that time in my life I was chugging soda like my life depended on it. I must have drank 5 bottles a day starting as early as 7am. Now at age 35 I probably drink one soda a day and only because my job offers them for free. I have tried to not buy sodas in bulk and not keep them in the refrigerator  so that I’m not tempted to pull one out. Out of sight out of mind is my best strategy right now.

I decided I don’t need soda anymore. 12 packets of sugar a drink is too much and it’s not supportive to my ultimate weight loss goals.  I will be posting small blubs of how I’m holding up since I realize it won’t be an easy process.

Have you tried to eliminate sodas from your life?

Day 2 – No more soda

I have a huge headache that did not go away until around 8pm when my sister made me a Green Juice to drink. All day I pretty much walked around like a zombie. I did find myself getting up from my desk more to take walks outside.

Over all day 2 went ok and I was so happy my head ache went away. I do have to remember to drink more water, to help keep my system flushing.

Green Juice Recipe

A bunch of Romaine Lettuce

2 celery stalks

A bunch of Kale

½ lemon – (peel the lemon)

½ cup of water

Then BLEND BLEND BLEND then strain it with a Nut Milk bag (that is her way  of juicing)



2 thoughts on “It’s time that we part.. Good bye Soda Pop.

  1. I gave up soda for months starting late last year into early this year. At one point I drank anywhere from 3 – 6 cans of soda per day, the one in the shiny red can. I stopped cold turkey, got the headaches, the drag of missing the sugar and caffeine but after a little bit I actually felt more energetic and just so much better. It’s worth it, I promise. I have since slipped and started drinking lemon/lime soda once again. I had gotten the stomach flu and it was all I could drink for 3 days. I can’t drink any colas anymore, it tastes disgusting to me. I’m working on letting lemon/lime go too. I’m hoping I won’t have any withdrawals since there’s no caffeine but I’m gonna miss the sugar. Now that I think about it I better fill my water bottle. Good luck!

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