Day 4- saying goodbye to soda pop

OPPS.. its day 7 but here is my day 4 post.

It’s 4:29pm on Friday June 22 and my headache is returning with a vengeance. I wonder if it’s (the headache) is trying to get back at me for popping the pain meds early today?? Probably not! Even with the afternoon walk I took to get my daily dose of vitamin D, I still felt super sluggish after lunch. Well I’m on my way home now so I’m hoping the tail end of my day goes smoothly. Sadly my sister is not home today so I can’t test my theory that the magic green juice can make me feel better. Maybe I’ll ask her to whip one up for breakfast tomorrow, and see how the rest of my day goes. Also no over the top bad attitude either; which is good, because the last time I quit the black stuff, ie soda, I was a horribly moody person. I still have minor insomnia, last night I tossed and turned for three hours before finally catching some Z’s. Its starting to catch up with me. No soda and no sleep make a bad combo! A bright spot of my day I received my  order from Little Black Bag. I’ll be sure to post about that soon as well. Well the ex-mother in law is rumored to be coming by let’s hope I can keep my good attitude on for a few more hours.

Thanks for stopping by..!


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