NCOD- Going Barely Nude- Nail color of the day..

Today’s nail color was inspired by the lovely men of Magic Mike, in theaters June 29,2012. Tonight I will be heading out with the book club members of  Reading & Winen, to check out the special screening of Magic Mike, advance screening passes thanks to 99.7NOW for hooking us up.  I decided to  let my nails speak volumes of what I’m eagerly going to see tonight on the big screen(shhh.. men dancing).

Today’s color is NailWear Pro BARE NECESSITY by Avon.  I’m loving this color right now because the color works well with my skin tone. With only one coat I achieved the color I was looking to have, with no smudging as it dried and a added plus it didn’t produce any bubbles. It’s either my lack of nail coloring talent or the product but I’ve had that happen to me in the past. Nailwear Pro advertises up to ten days of wear, but I’ll be happy if I get 4 days of no chip color. As a mommy of a toddler my hands go thru so much more. Avon Nail colors have proven to be very chip resistant in my opnion.

Interested in this color or other Avon colors click here and shop online. You do not have to have a Representative to order, Avon can now be delivered straight to you.

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