Mommy and Tot Day Out.

Habitot Children Museum – Mommy and Tot Day.

When someone says Museum you don’t automatically associate it as a place to take a 2 year old too. Just the thought of my kid running around a museum and the guard trying to get him off the huge dinosaur exhibit makes me cringe. But luckily for us there are museums that are geared towards young children (hearing trumpets in my head).

Yesterday we went to a Children’s Museum located in Berkeley, CA. Habitot Children Museum is a wonderful interactive museum with different displays that tots can crawl on , climb on , jump on, splash on and draw on. Habitot is designed for 1-5 year olds with great hands-on exhibits that encourage a kiddos natural curiosity.  Playing and learning all wrapped up in great exhibits. Habitot also offers summer programs and drop- in classes.  Kids learn so much just by playing. This is a safe environment for your kiddo to do just that.

My monkey had a constant smile plastered on his face and was so excited. He started in the Space Rocket Exhibit , he was able to get in and pretend to be an astronaut. He tried on the helmets and the jet pack. ADORABLE.  By far that was his favorite. The other exhibits included a store front complete with pretend food and cash registers, a water play area with a car wash, an art area with paint brushes with tons of paint and play doh, train tables  and some other fun areas for tots to play in.

This is defiantly a place I will be visiting again with my tot.  It’s great to see the world again from the eyes of a toddler.

What do you like to do in your community to inspire developmental grown in your preschooler?

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this article are solely of my own and not influenced in any way by anyone. No compensation was received for this post.


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