Update: My no soda journey

Day 9– today I woke super exhausted. I had some coffee and still I could close my eyes and call it a day. I also realized my intake of water has reduced. I should be taking in a good 8 to 10 cups but I’m lucky if the 25oz I start out with is gone. I do have the desire to have something in my mouth at all times but not because I’m hungry. The craving for the sugary drink has diminished but at times I think just one cup won’t kill me but that would mean I’m off the wagon. I am actually happy to report the migraines have gone away. I started to think I would need to invest in a few bottles of my favorite pain reliever. The insomnia is still lingering but when I finally fall asleep I fall hard. So besides resorting to drinking energy drinks I am on the hunt for way to increase my energy. I want to start working out that’s my goal. I have tried to wake up but when I lay awake at night and my alarm goes off at 5am I find myself stumbling around thinking I need more sleep. My morning are harder as well as I get stuck just thinking and trying to sort out my thoughts. I have not done any research to find out what others have experienced during there detox. I realize that the black drink is very addictive and it’s so strange to now accept that concept. I thought hey in 5 days I might not want it anymore and feel more energy and not to bloated . But it’s not the case so far. I feel heavy and sluggish.

Day 10– I just drank a double shot of coffee I’m hoping this carries me to at least lunch time. Insomnia hit me again last night and at 5:30 am as my alarm proceeded to go off I woke up very sore and so sleepy. Hit the snooze and woke up scared at 6:10 am. I might be begging my sister tonight to make me some green juices to last me the rest of the week because drinking coffee is also not good for me. A friend told me today.. you are half way there to creating a habit. I sure hope so. Don’t get me wrong.. I still think of it. But this time I can actually just let the thought pass without the huge need to get up and go get a drink.

Personally I  don’t give soda to my son, who in my opinion is to young for sweets like that. Plus I have been struggling with this habit for a long time. My mother did not allow us to have sodas either but once I got old enough to run over to the corner market it was on. This might be why I only developed a love for colas and not the other types of soda.  I’m going to try my best to not expose Ian to soda. And with his mom not drinking it he’s less likely to drink it himself.

What have you found to be the hardest part of letting go of soda?


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