How I felt on Friday!!! No more soda

*This was a post I wanted to get out on Friday but as you can see I was so frazzeled.

This has got to be one of the hardest weeks for me and I am so glad that its Friday. Waking at at 4:30 am to be at work by 6 am and put in a full day is starting to take its toll on me. You have no idea just how much I want to run upstairs and grab a soda, but not just any soda the dark one. I can literally taste the sweet, refreshing, energizing liquid trickling down my throat. I almost imgaine I would have energy for the next hour if I drink it. I know its not what I’m going to do but a girl can imagine right. I am doing so good and I don’t want to let myself down or my friends and family that have been so supportive.

Questions that pop into my mind.

  • Could I handle just drinking one?
  • Could I drink one and go another 4 weeks with out a sip?
  • Will it give me a tummy ache if I do drink one? Is that worth the risk?
  • Who will know if I just take a few sip?
  • Could I live with knowing I gave up yet again?

So that is a lot to contemplate!!! Being a single mom I know theres no real chance that on Saturday or  Sunday I will get a chance to sleep in. Once my toddler wakes up that’s it he’s up. I can only imagine the mischieve he might get into if I decide he will be ok on his own. My monkey is at the age were he sees an adventure in everything. YIKES.. so what do I do to get some rest. This is where I envy the moms who have the dads. And hour of sleep can make such a diffrence in my whole outlook.  Its horrible to say this but when I find my self overworked and soooo tired I get so mad and silently curse the nonexistent baby daddy for all his lies and for turning out to be the worst person in my life. Yes yes drastic words but man im tired.  These are feelings that I am entitled to have no one can stop me from feeling these things. I really don’t get into what happened with Monkeys dad and well im working really hard to move forward and being both mom and dad to my son.  I am by far not a super woman and there are times that I wish I had the help an additional parent can bring. I am very grateful to my sister for stepping up and being there when I need help especially when my day care is closed. But nothing is perfect and well I have come to that realization. I wake up grateful for the blessing I have and the people that bless my life to help me.

But.. I still want a soda. But I will continue to drink my mineral water and Crystal Light.. AHHHHHHHHHHH taste the goodness NOT!!!.

Have you ever tried giving up something that it haunted you this much?

Where has my motivation gone?- Part 3

Where has my motivation gone Part 3

Where does one find motivation? In quotes, in places, in book, in event? Anything and everything can be used as motivation. If it makes you make the change, if it brings you the drive you need to do something  then its MOTIVATION. Sometimes motivation comes from people who are around you.  Here are a list of people who motivate me.

Main motivation is:

My son:

Summer 2012

My health is a major factor and I want to be around for my son. Having to deal with both my parents having a family history of diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, and cancer I want to do everything possible to ensure I value my health so my son has me for a long long time. Being a single mom adds even more stress to be fit and healthy for him. If he wants to run I’m the one running with him, I’m the one that wants to run behind that bike when he learns to ride one. I want to be the one running in the park with him flying his first kite.  All these things require stamina and being able to take a few steps without needing a break is essential.

My friend Molly:

She recently decided that she needed to be more active in order to motivate her own daughter to also be active. And what a better  way than to lead by example. She has been blogging about her journey and has allowed all of us to be a part of that journey with her. Remember there is no actual model to follow to make the change but you do what works for you. And that is exactly what she has done. She saw an online deal for a boot camp, grabbed hold and dived in. She has taken the information given to her and in one week dropped 6.5 lbs.  Please go to her blog and read her very witty and candid thoughts about her journey.

My sister and mother:

These two are my biggest cheerleaders. I appreciate them even when they think I don’t.  My sister is always looking for ways to help me eat better and she pushes me to go out and walk even when all I want to do is sit my big butt on the couch.

Embracing all this motivation is my next step in helping me reach my goals.  I know I can do this. There is not one stopping me but ME..

Who in your life motivates you to be the best you?

NCOD- taking a walk on the natural dark side

NCOD- taking a walk on the natural dark side

My son went to bed early (yippie) and I decided to dig into my nail polish bin pulling out a beautiful dark color flecked with gold and a neutral pink rose color both by Avon. I’ve been lacking on polishing my nails since I chipped so many the past week as I was gardening. But short nails won’t stop me and here you have me once again.

Colors I used are :

  • Nail Wear Pro – N901 – Golden Twilight – I would say this color is black with golden flecks. Very Shimmery
  • Nail Wear Pro – N505 – Venus- This is a rose gold color.

I coated my nails with a smooth beginning clear nail polish also by Avon (not shown)  then polished 4 of my nails with Venus and my index finger with Golden Twilight. I let them completely dry then applied a second coat of Venus on all my nails. I love how my index finger looks with the coat of Venus on top of Golden Twilight. I see myself doing a full hand of both the colors.

I’m starting to become a little obsessed with having my nails painted. I have thin nails so I have a big problem with my nails breaking or chipping. Since I started to polish them that has diminished a lot. I was heartbroken when my longest nail broke and of course it’s like a domino effect one breaks and the rest start to break as well.  I’m going to work on a nail care regime so strengthen my nails and hopefully grow them out longer and stronger.

What is your nail care regime?  Do you have a favorite nail strengthener? What are your tips and tricks to strong nails?

My triumph over the black drink. My journey continues.

I’ve lost track on how many days I have been without a sip of soda. I would think I’m clearly in week three without a drop touching my tongue. I won’t lie. I still crave it. I would have thought two weeks after I quit I’d be good to go,  but every day is a struggle. I don’t know what in the dark sodas ( and I don’t want to know) that makes them so darn delicious and addictive. It’s becoming increasingly harder with the weather being so nice and hot. It’s the season of pool parties and back yard BBQ and of course for the common folks there is no shortage of the black drink.  I’m telling you my will power is taking a beating but  she is pushing thru. My will power is strolling around with a sledge hammer resting on her shoulder making sure I know there is no way I can give in.

So today I sit here swamped with SOOOOOO much work and thinking .. “one soda won’t kill me, I don’t think so, can I have just one and that’s it, it’s a bad day” but then I take a huge gulp of water and think, “this is what I want my son to drink” and recite my small mantra that is on my desk on a post in note “ water good soda bad”.

I’m by no means a scientist, I’m just talking from my experience and what my body is going thru. Not all soda has caffeine but the one I heart does, and with me not drinking it like it was going out of style, I believe my body is getting sensitive to caffeine.  I came to this conclusion because in the past I can have a soda at night no problem. I still hit the sheet hard, but on Sunday I had a few sips of coffee at around 6pm and I was wide awake till 3:4o am. Yes I said it, 3:40am. And of course I still woke up on Monday at 6am so imagine my horror when I put two and two together.

Also today someone asked me if I have lost weight, I said NO, I don’t think so but I know the I’m not bloated any more. And then she said that’s what it is, your face is less puffy.  I was like ok great thank you. I know it sounds bad but I know they intended it to be something good. Either way, small triumphs like that make me keep going.

What struggles did you go through while quitting something?

Where has my motivation gone? Part 2

So now that I’ve established I’m a ball of excuse, where do I start.  A great reason for me feeling overwhelmed could be that I wanted to do it all at once. Lets narrow down all the items I want to accomplish.

  • Weight loss
  • Transition toddler to own room
  • Unpack all belonging and de-clutter and organize home
    • Linen closets
    • Bedroom closets
    • Kitchen cabinets
    • Garage
    • Be neater and cleaner
    • Organize finances – includes couponing and paying down debt

Ok so with my goals listed how do I start. Do I go from doable now to doable later.  The goal that will obviously take me longer is paying down debt and losing weight.

I’ve started out slowly. My biggest mistakes have been setting the bar way to high. I realize there is no way I’m waking up at 4am to do the 45 min of cardio I want to do.  So I need to start out super slow. Being a single parent with a very active toddler can be my exercise for now. Taking him on walks, running in the park or just getting up and dancing are all great forms of exercise.  At first I’m loose my breath and need more breaks but as I keep doing it I’m sure my own endurance will get better.

I’m also very proud to say three weeks ago I decided to give up SODA. They say drinking a soda puts on about 10 lbs a year. That’s a lot of weight I’ve put on over the last two decades of me drinking a soda every day.  I won’t tell you it’s been easy and I don’t know how long my battle will last. Or when the day will come when I don’t think about grabbing one. But for now I’ve taken a firm grasp on my will power.  I keep reminding myself that I don’t want to waste anymore time being overweight. I don’t want to waste anymore time being sad because of my weight.  This is just my own personal opinion but I helped no one especially myself wallowing in my own self pity. My life is showing me that when one door closes another one opens. Each minute of my life will be spend with nothing but gratitude and happiness. Plain and simple. So I’m taking back my control and doing this. Sure I might feel tired or lazy but after that initial feeling passes I’m going to remember why I’m pulling myself up to get things done.

What are some of your motivational tools??

NCOD- Celebrating the 4th! A day late..

NCOD- or more like Nail Color of Yesterday.

As it is, being Mom of Tornado does not always allow me time to get to things as fast as I would like.  This is why I’m posting my Fourth of July look on the Fifth of July.

I woke up and felt inspired. In between cooking a killer breakfast for my lil guy that consisted of waffles, scrambled eggs and hotdogs to getting my last load of laundry done; I decided to paint my nails. Not my best work but I loved them regardless.

Here are the colors I used:

The pretty shimmery blue is   SEQUINED TURQOUISE Nailwear Pro by Avon

And the true red is REAL RED Nailwear Pro by Avon.

Because I did not have time I would have found a way to add a hint of white with the White Mosaic NailWear by Avon as well. ( not shown)


How did you wear your nails this holiday???

Want to see more let me know..

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