NCOD- Celebrating the 4th! A day late..

NCOD- or more like Nail Color of Yesterday.

As it is, being Mom of Tornado does not always allow me time to get to things as fast as I would like.  This is why I’m posting my Fourth of July look on the Fifth of July.

I woke up and felt inspired. In between cooking a killer breakfast for my lil guy that consisted of waffles, scrambled eggs and hotdogs to getting my last load of laundry done; I decided to paint my nails. Not my best work but I loved them regardless.

Here are the colors I used:

The pretty shimmery blue is   SEQUINED TURQOUISE Nailwear Pro by Avon

And the true red is REAL RED Nailwear Pro by Avon.

Because I did not have time I would have found a way to add a hint of white with the White Mosaic NailWear by Avon as well. ( not shown)


How did you wear your nails this holiday???

Want to see more let me know..

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