NCOD- taking a walk on the natural dark side

NCOD- taking a walk on the natural dark side

My son went to bed early (yippie) and I decided to dig into my nail polish bin pulling out a beautiful dark color flecked with gold and a neutral pink rose color both by Avon. I’ve been lacking on polishing my nails since I chipped so many the past week as I was gardening. But short nails won’t stop me and here you have me once again.

Colors I used are :

  • Nail Wear Pro – N901 – Golden Twilight – I would say this color is black with golden flecks. Very Shimmery
  • Nail Wear Pro – N505 – Venus- This is a rose gold color.

I coated my nails with a smooth beginning clear nail polish also by Avon (not shown)  then polished 4 of my nails with Venus and my index finger with Golden Twilight. I let them completely dry then applied a second coat of Venus on all my nails. I love how my index finger looks with the coat of Venus on top of Golden Twilight. I see myself doing a full hand of both the colors.

I’m starting to become a little obsessed with having my nails painted. I have thin nails so I have a big problem with my nails breaking or chipping. Since I started to polish them that has diminished a lot. I was heartbroken when my longest nail broke and of course it’s like a domino effect one breaks and the rest start to break as well.  I’m going to work on a nail care regime so strengthen my nails and hopefully grow them out longer and stronger.

What is your nail care regime?  Do you have a favorite nail strengthener? What are your tips and tricks to strong nails?


2 thoughts on “NCOD- taking a walk on the natural dark side

  1. Moisturizing really helps. Also I strongly believe your diet is a big factor in our skin, hair and nails.

    Found this on

    Your diet influences the health of your nails. A publication from Columbia University recommends eating foods high in iron, calcium, zinc, protein, and taking a supplement that includes vitamins A, B and C. Vary your diet to include plenty of grains, beans, seeds and lean meats. A 1990 study by V.E. Colombo and colleagues which was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that the participants who took biotin had nails that were thicker and less likely to break than the participants who did not, though more research is needed. Foods that contain biotin include eggs, yeast, milk and peanut butter.

    Read more:

  2. I love painting my nails as well! Like you, I do a much better job maintaining my nails in nice condition when I have pretty paint colors on them. Thanks for stopping by the blog and thanks for entering the giveaway, good luck!

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