Where has my motivation gone?- Part 3

Where has my motivation gone Part 3

Where does one find motivation? In quotes, in places, in book, in event? Anything and everything can be used as motivation. If it makes you make the change, if it brings you the drive you need to do something  then its MOTIVATION. Sometimes motivation comes from people who are around you.  Here are a list of people who motivate me.

Main motivation is:

My son:

Summer 2012

My health is a major factor and I want to be around for my son. Having to deal with both my parents having a family history of diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, and cancer I want to do everything possible to ensure I value my health so my son has me for a long long time. Being a single mom adds even more stress to be fit and healthy for him. If he wants to run I’m the one running with him, I’m the one that wants to run behind that bike when he learns to ride one. I want to be the one running in the park with him flying his first kite.  All these things require stamina and being able to take a few steps without needing a break is essential.

My friend Molly:  http://itsjustmollysworld.blogspot.com/

She recently decided that she needed to be more active in order to motivate her own daughter to also be active. And what a better  way than to lead by example. She has been blogging about her journey and has allowed all of us to be a part of that journey with her. Remember there is no actual model to follow to make the change but you do what works for you. And that is exactly what she has done. She saw an online deal for a boot camp, grabbed hold and dived in. She has taken the information given to her and in one week dropped 6.5 lbs.  Please go to her blog and read her very witty and candid thoughts about her journey.

My sister and mother:

These two are my biggest cheerleaders. I appreciate them even when they think I don’t.  My sister is always looking for ways to help me eat better and she pushes me to go out and walk even when all I want to do is sit my big butt on the couch.

Embracing all this motivation is my next step in helping me reach my goals.  I know I can do this. There is not one stopping me but ME..

Who in your life motivates you to be the best you?


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