First RUN.. New me here I come.

Ohh My  GOSHHH.. I finally did it. I laced up my shoes and went for it.  I ran / walked one mile.  My son was playing in the park with my sister and I was able to run around the baseball field, tracking how far and fast I was going with the Nike App on my phone.  It felt good. I was all sweaty, out of breath, my breathing was all over the place causing pains in my sides but I did it and I made the mile mark. Now it took me about 17 minutes but that will only improve with time.

OK.. now off to do it all over again..


How we spent the BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!

 WOW.. the month of August sure whizzed by. August was a busy month for us. My lil monkey turned 3 at the end of the month and I decided that this year we would have no party. Yup you read it right NO PARTY. I decided that the money and time could be spent much more better having a month of FUN.

 We started off the months of fun at a concert, but not just any concert it was THE WIGGLES last concert with the original cast members. For those of you who have small kids that love The Wiggles, know that Greg ( the Yellow Wiggle) came back this year so it was great to see him again. My Monkey was star struck but he had a great time.   The show was full of color, lights and great performances.  My Monkey danced, clapped, and sang. When it was over he continued to say “ BYE WIGGLES”  all the way to the car. Periodically turning around waving good bye to the venue.

 Next, we visited a San Francisco Giants game. The first game for both of us this season. Sadly since they won the Championship a few years ago ticket prices have been thru the roof and well as single mom, I don’t have a ton of extra income laying around to spend on sporting events.  But I came upon a great opportunity and took it. The day was beautiful, perfect weather for a day game. I love AT&T park because it’s one of the few stadiums I know that have a stroller check in.  I put the kiddo in a back pack leash (don’t judge I have one) and we walked and walked until he could walk no more. My kid loves walking around and people watching and this was perfect for him. And of course the GIANTS WON.. woot woot.

 Our next stop of the month full of fun was Gilroy Gardens in Gilroy, CA. It’s a theme park  geared towards families with small children. HOW MUCH MORE FUN CAN THAT GET. The lines were short and the weather was perfect. I would have to question the food they have there as it was not so tasty and they ran out of the better food choices early on, but over all as long as I found food the Monkey can eat we were good.  The park features a Cho Cho train that circles the park, a beautiful carousel, cute car rides that my Monkey went bananas for and a water play area. But I think my kids favorite place was the play ground. I think half the toddlers were there. The excitement I saw my kid and his cousin have was hilarious. They both took off like lightning. Of course the mom’s went on the BANANA boat ride that was not suitable for a 3 yr old and got that out of the way.   The lines were not long whis is a good thing when you’re in line with a 3 Yr old. But we did wait in a line that took a good 40 min because of a malfunction. My son could see the ride and of course patients was not his virtue so he was confused as to why the line was not moving. But over all I know he had a fabulous time. We got there a tad bit after they opened and left as the park was closing. And as soon as the Monkey got in the car he knocked out. That to me says GREAT TIME!!!

 On his actual Birthday we went to SUPER FRANKS. A indoor play area designed for small children and children up until the age of probably 7 or 8. They have jumpers but it’s not strictly a jumper place.  This is a very popular place on rainy days. My monkey knew instantly when we got off the freeway where the car was headed. Since I’m not the  kind of parent that just lets his kid go off and play I was right there running with him getting all sweaty. LOL. Let’s just say both of us went home ready for a bath and sleep time. Once we had dinner it was time for CAKE.  The monkey was super excited to blow out his candle.

 For a short moment as we were eating cake I had a flash of sadness that I did not throw him a party but as soon as I notice him licking his fingers with his birthday hat on and a huge grin on his face I knew I did the right thing. We had done so many great things all in celebration of my little man.  Of course not having to pack up all the extra food left over or put away all the drinks and clean up the glitter left on the patio from the crafts the kids did or decide what I’m doing with the rest of the freaking cake that was left cause I am not going to eat it, was a good thing.  I think I spent the same amount of money I would have spend on a party but it was well spent on great quality time with my little man.

 Happy Birthday monkey.. thank you for blessing my life for picking me to be your mommy.  PHEW now on to year three on toddlerhood. Ready, Set, GO… More frazzled days to come.

What do I have to expect in year three??