My 2013 weight loss resolution

My 2013 weight loss resolution.

Hello blog world. The holidays and the end of year has sure side tracked me from not posting anything. I have a ton of drafts but none have made it up here. That will soon change. And I thank everyone that has checked back to see if new stuff has been posted.

After taking a long look at 2012 I realized that many of my goals were not accomplished. My own personal weight loss and organization goals were not completed so those follow me into 2013. What I did accomplish was for my monkey. He started preschool officially and nothing could have made me happier. He has adjusted wonderfully and has blossomed into a great little boy. Yes my baby is growing up and its time I call him my little boy. As much as I want to keep him a tiny baby who I bundle up in my arms he has to grow, learn and flourish.

So here goes I’m starting my resolutions again for myself. First I want to acknowledge that I did not gain any weight but I did not lose any either. I’ve actually maintained the same weight for the last three years. Can we say BABY WEIGHT!!! I find myself extremely jealous of women who just had their babies and the weight just drops off. Grrrrrrr but I digress. I have thought about this long and hard. I can say “I want to lose weight” but until I get my butt up and do something nothing miraculously will happen. So the plan Is to establish a healthy eating plan that fits into my lifestyle. Bag lunches, easy to make dinners and fast but nutritious breakfast along with filling snacks. Once I establish this eating plan I want to start working out. Starting with three days a week and gradually increasing the days as my body changes and my energy level changes. I’m not going to place a time limit on it because that’s just added pressure on me. I know that I don’t want to be in the same place I started when 2014 rolls around. My ultimate goal is to be able to continue running and playing with my monkey.

Have you set up a goal for 2013? How are you planning on reaching your goal? Want to be my weight loss buddy let me know? Follow me on twitter @katiiz95 and my blog for weekly updates.



One thought on “My 2013 weight loss resolution

  1. I’m glad you posted again chica. Since I don’t get to talk to you much its good to see what’s going through your mind every now and then 🙂 I’m rooting for your exercise. I’m going to check on you ;p So any goals for 2013 you ask? Hmmmm…I’ve tried to get away from New year’s Resolutions as I tend to never actually meet my goal. However, the one thing I want to do is get my PADI diving certification before I leave the Philippines. So I found a place and I am supposed to pick up the manual this week and start my classroom and pool sessions this coming weekend. The following weekend I’ll be doing the open water diving. So excited! I’ve been putting it off since I got here and now my time is coming to a close so I figured i just had to do it. That’s my only goal. I try to just make small goals and then set a new one after I meet the other goal. So once I get my PADI certification I’ll set another goal. I had a goal for saving up a certain amount of money while I was here before I came home and I’ve already met that goal. Yayy!!! Not sure what will come after the PADI cert. Maybe lose some weight LOL I’ve gained so much 😦 Oh wait I lie. I actually am trying to post on my blog more often. I hope to have at least two blogs a month. You make sure you kick me if I don’t do this.

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