We’ve Been sick.

I dread this time of the year. It’s the not the post holidays blues, it’s the sickness blues. I take public transportation so imagine how many sick people germs I come in contact with. I recently heard the most germy places are shopping carts and hand rails of any kind. At the rate that I’m buying sanitizing wipes and hand gel/lotion you would think the company would give me stock. But no matter how much I have tried to avoid it, the sickness has hit my household. First my son and now me. I’m telling you as a mom I know I don’t have time to get sick but being a single mom that does it all my body gets hit that much harder when the bug sinks in. As much as I would like to say I’m taking a sick day and do nothing all day I realize that can’t happen. I try to avoid going to work but sometimes that’s not possible. This time I did take a day off from work but not from life. I had aches in places I did not even know I had. I literally felt like I went to bed with a Tasmanian devil that decided to hit me all night. But of course my aches and pains had to take a back burner to my monkey who since Christmas had been fighting the cold bug that has been going around. He actually started off with phenomena and then that turned into the cold virus. Yeah don’t ask.. you would think it would be the other way around. Now we are on week 4 in January and he still have some phlegm left over that is making its way out and I’m still phlegm-y and coughing as well. From my past experience I would think the cough is always the last to go.

We continue to fight the good fight and avoid anything major. We all had the flu shot, we take our vitamins, we triple wash our hands, and disinfect things we touch in the outside world. How are you staying healthy?? As moms and dads how do you deal with being sick at the same time as your kids? Do you have any tips you swear by when you start to feel that tickle in the back of your throat?

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