Happy Valentines!!!

Being a singleton is not so bad but when Valentines comes around I fall into this hopeless despair that I will always be single on valentine’s day. So before I resort to stuffing myself with candies that I purchased for myself in order to feel better I decided I would embrace my single statues and celebrate all that blesses me.
Things I plan to do the days leading up to Valentine’s day:

· Valentines craft with my monkey,
· Back a cake and decorate all pink and sparkly
· Send out V day cards to my loved one.
· Wear pink lipstick. (I’ve actually seen the color on a lot of beauty gurus)

I’ve also immersed myself in reading romantic novels. HEE HEE. What’s the best way to spend my time then reading of great love. I love romance novels, even the smutty period type romance stuff. ( Brawn and Boobs) HEE HEE.

How do you celebrate the month of LOVE???
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One thought on “Happy Valentines!!!

  1. I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day normally because it’s the anniversary of my grandmother’s death. This year I have my IV infusion on Valentine’s Day so I will be baking cupcakes for the nurses. Hubby and I are running a Valentine’s themed 5K on Sunday before Valentine’s day. I think we’ll do a special dinner at home with the kids for the actual day.

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