Keeping my self accountable.

Over the years I have attempted to keep myself accountable of task, projects and/or goals I had set for myself. I have tried keeping a journal, post it notes littered all over the mirror and on my deks and setting reminderd on my PDA’S and now smart phone. The one thing that I did see that had hopes of working was when I was keeping a planner but over the years and with technology the inserts to my planner just are not made anymore. So when I saw this adorable weekly/ monthly planner on clearance at Target I decided this would be the thing to hold me accountable to my task.


What do I love about keeping a planner? I love the fact that I can write down what I did in one day. Why not keep it on my smart phone? Honestly I am a very visual person that needs to see it constantly in my face. This will remind me that today I said I would do this and that. I write down my food intake, my water intake, chores I have pending and items from work I need to get done. I can see how the day before turned out. If I appointment I can see them coming up. It might be the fact that taking the time to write in it is what keeps me going. For me, email reminder or calander reminders on my phone don’t work. I just turn off the ringing and continue to do what I was doing eventually forgetting that my phone reminded me. I have high hopes that this method will help me reach my fitness goals and my financal goals. As a I single mom I have to manage my time and my resources to be able to give my monkey and myself the life of hapiness we deserve.

How do you keep yourself accountable? What do you love using to see you track your goals?

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2 thoughts on “Keeping my self accountable.

  1. I love paper planners also! The problem is that I keep our calendars on my phone so that as soon as I update it hubby is aware of what’s going on and when.

    Physically writing things makes it easier for me to remember them. Typing them doesn’t do that for me. I need to figure out another new system that I can use along with the computerized calendar so I don’t spin my wheels trying to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing.

    I hope your adorable planner works for you and keeps you on track to meet your goals.

    • So far my planner is working great the boxes are large enough to write down what I eat and what I do. My daily task and chores; and any other misc item I am thinking. After a week I noticed all that I need to improve on And what got left behind. Defiantly keeping me more accountable.

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