Happy birthday to ME!!!

ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Another year is upon me and I’m glad to say that this year I am in such a better place that I was last year. My monkey is on track in school and thriving everyday and my own determination to live my life healthy is on track as well. I see a bright 36 and I have no shame in telling you guys my age. (grabbing brown paper bag and bending over to breath into it. AHHHH phewwww Ahhh Pheeewww) Of course I envisioned reaching 36 and having my life turn out differen, but life is what it is. I can either dwell on all my mishaps or I can look at all the great things life has given me and just be thankful. I choose to be thankful.

So what does turning 36 mean to me? It means its 4 years from being a fabulous 40 yr old. Its means I should finally take the time to invest my time in researching all those wrinkle creams on the market. It means I can officially drink wine with every meal and not feel an ounce of guilt. It means I should start taking calcium along with my multivitamin don’t want weak bones. It means I should realize that the music I listened to in high school is now being played on the oldies station. ( AHHHHHHHHHH) It’s also means that I can look around me and know what I want and don’t want; having no remorse about letting go of what does not work in my life. Hey I only get one life and it should be the best life I can make for myself. (RIGHT .. RIGHT.. )

So in retrospect I used to want to party big time for my birthday, bring on the dancing the drinks and the loud music. Today I look forward to getting home to my monkey and watching him get super excited that we are having cake. Funny a few years ago I used to not even think I would be hovering over a toilet after the night of mayhem I went thru, now it’s all I think about if I have more than 2 drinks. That and the bloated fingers I will experience. OK so getting older is not so bad. I am wiser with my age and more patient. Yay for me.

But ok.. here to my big 36.. Hipp Hipp Horray..

How have your birthdays changed with the years??



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