Step one to a new me.

And it begins.

Nothing more to motivate me then to sign up and pay money for a 5K race. I use the term “pay money” because as a single mom who has full responsibility for her child, spending money on something that is for mom is somewhat of a foreign concept. When it comes to spending money on my son, no problem. When it comes to spending money on myself, problem. And to top it off , I spent money on a registration to a race that can be close to torture on my body and mind. Does this make me a masochist? No its makes me an optimist and I see myself crossing the finish line with a proud “I did it” look on my face.

So after having a tiny anxiety attack once I submitted my payment I had to think what needs to change in me to start training and get to the finish line. I’ve taken the first real step, commit to a date to show up and run. Next look around at my life and see what will aid me and what can hinder me. One of the major things that will aid me is this blog; I will use this blog to hold me accountable so please call me out if you don’t see me progressing. I accept all feedback and I love reading your comment. Second, employ a buddy who will push me when all I want is to stay immobile. Because I have massive mom guilt I’ve set times to train when my son is snoozing. So that means moving my wake up time back by 2 hours. I’m going to explore my food intake, other exercise to strengthen my legs and activities to include my son, such as hiking and walks on the beach.

So this is the beginning. Any suggestions on how else I can change to fit my new lifestyle??

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