Training blues

I feel I’m in a training funk. I have the drive, I have the desire, I lack the energy and the PUSH to get those shoes on and get going. I knew it would not be easy. Hey I’m a single mom of a 3 yr old that works full time. Of course my own needs are completely last on my list. Am I I making excuses, most likely I am.
My to do list these days consist of a lot of cleaning and organizing. When the monkey is finally knocked out, the last thing I want to do is make more noise. This is when I should be strapping on my shoes, right.. RIGHT. But here is where the problem occurs. At 10pm I’m more inclined to go to sleep then strap on the shoes and go work out. My intention is there I want to do it. But the tiredness I feel from my full day just takes over.

Help me.. what do you do to muster up the energy to get that workout done? Parents how do you sneak in the workout your body and mind needs?

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