What are we doing??? Summer fun!


The weather is getting beautiful in Northern California and the weekends are ripe for outdoor activities. I’m fortunate that I still don’t have to think about what I’m going to do with my kid during the summer months. I’m fortunate that he attends a year round preschool. Phewww, but I do have to think about what to do to fill the weekends. Most toddlers don’t just sit around waiting for mommy to get up on the weekends. I know from experience my kid wakes up super early on Saturday and Sunday and is ready to jump up and get out the door. With the sun shining bright and early his brain is triggering him to say UP UP UP, jump jump jump.
So I’m on the search for activities for my munchkin to get into. With him turning the big 4 this year I think he is ready to participate in sport activities. This will maybe teach him to follow directions better (I don’t know if I’m the only mom who thinks there kid doesn’t LISTEN) and teach him what practice makes perfect mean. So I found a tot baseball class that last a few weeks on saturday morning that will teach him the basics of the game. With all the little leaguers out playing there 100 of 100 of games, my kid is mesmerized by them. I’m excited to see how he does in the class.
Then another class I am going to enroll him in is swimming. I love swimming. I love the water and I know my little monkey is also a tadpole in disguise. I’m not expecting him to be doing laps by the end of the summer but I am hoping he is ok with his head going under water and understand the basics of moving forward in the water. I did not learn how to swim until I was in high school and was always afraid the pools or lakes. I had a horrible experience at a water park where I thought I was tall enough but I was not and fell right in. My love for water could have easily turned to fear but I pushed forward and FINALLY learned to swim.
I’ll defiantly keep you guys updated on how my little monkey does this summer with those two activates. I’m also looking for day activities to do. I love doing things with him that are fun for him and free to participate in. Street fairs and farmer markets are great for people watching. The local libraries are also a great place to take your preschooler. Check there calendar to see if they are holding special events. Reach out to the mothers you know, we are all a wealth of information. I’ve been so surprised that by just asking, What’s going on during the weekend?” I get a wealth of events I had no idea were happening in the area.

What are you looking forward to doing this summer with your kiddo?? I love hearing all your comments and feedback.

Time to take out the sunscreen and enjoy the sun.


Twitter Friday!!

Are you following me on twitter?? See what are some on my tweets for this week.

I participate in a weekly running group on Saturday mornings and I actually consider this time as me time and yes I still think it’s masochistic of me. But I’m learning to love the support I receive from them.

Self explanatory – I was soaked!!!

So far we have celebrated my monkeys birthday every year with a Wiggles Concert. He loves it so I live it.

I don’t need to even explain this!

Yes… I got a virtual tamagotchi available as an app for iPhones and androids. Total throwback toy!! To date I’ve had one die already. Sadface . It’s like carrying around another kid! He wants to eat, poop, play and needs medicine.

Just a tiny sample of my tweets. Have a twitter follow me I’m easy to find @katiiz95. Like this post follow my blog.

Happy Friday!!!!


It’s bed time!!

The growing pains of growing up.

What’s next for my little man? He’s conquered getting rid of all items baby, getting potty trained, falling in love with the shower and sprinklers. What can possibly be next. DUM DUM DUUUUUMMMMMM.. sleeping in his own bed. The Auntie picked up a book to use a reference to help sleep train my little man for earlier bed time and sleeping in his own bed. “ The No-Cry Sleep Solution for toddlers and preschoolers By Elizabeth Pantley also author of the No-Cry sleep Solution.” The cover indicated it has “Gentle Ways to Stop bedtime Battles and Improve Your Child’s Sleep.” I will be taking extra notes on the chapter that focuses on moving my kiddo from the family bed to his independent big boy bed. I am ready for restful nights where I don’t have to grip the edge of the bed hoping I don’t fall off and hit my head on the side table because little feet smashed on the side of my head. Can you feel the excitement I am feeling about this. I realize the next month will be hard, I can hear my kiddo crying right now wondering were mom is. But I’m hoping that as time passes he will realize it’s so much more better to wake up in his own room and wake up refreshed.
With this process I’m also going to tackle putting the kiddo to bed earlier as well. I have been selfish in that I know my monkey requires at least 11 hours of sleep at night. Because I’m a working mom who comes home around 6pm I selfishly have allowed him to start the bed time routine at 8:30pm. This meant that he would finally knock out at 9:45pm – 10pm. That is too late. With him waking up as early at 6:30am that only is giving him a good 8 hours of sleep. As much as I want to hang out with my monkey since I miss him like crazy when I’m at work I have to put that aside and move his bed time to 7:30pm, hoping he completely knocked out by 8:30pm.

Wish me luck… PLEASE..

Let me know if you want me to review the book! I will defiantly be sharing what worked for me. If you have gone thru this don’t hesitate to let me know what tips and tricks you have for me. I love reading your comment.

Thanks for reading.
Sincerely looking for a good night’s sleep.


This is it!!!

I can honestly say that running once a week is not a training program. I end up feeling so guilty when I go to bed and realize I did not make time for a run. So today the first of the month (May 1st) I have set a plan. I realize I have made many plans but this time it feels different. I want this to work out. But I don’t want to use the word “WANT” because I can want all I want but until I “DO” then I won’t see any results. Last week I envisioned myself running in the warm nights or predawn hours just me and the sleeping world. The few times I have done this I felt great. I felt awake and ready to tackle the world. Of course I eventually felt tired but I know with consistency energy will come to me.
So here is what will happen going forward.

· I will wake up at 5am and run till about 5:45am- I am not looking for speed but time spent with myself.
· I will run/jog/ walk at least three times a week. This does not include my Saturday run group.
· I will value my time spent working out as my time. Will not worry about anything else.


So there it is.. There is no more wanting but simply doing. This will be my new habit. The habit to feel great is a habit worth nurturing.

Thanks for being a part of my journey. Wish I could tell you it will be easy but I have a goal and I’ve let my life pass by too long. It takes that realization that something must change for me to change.

Let me know what you changed to see a change in yourself? I love comments, please leave me some.