This is it!!!

I can honestly say that running once a week is not a training program. I end up feeling so guilty when I go to bed and realize I did not make time for a run. So today the first of the month (May 1st) I have set a plan. I realize I have made many plans but this time it feels different. I want this to work out. But I don’t want to use the word “WANT” because I can want all I want but until I “DO” then I won’t see any results. Last week I envisioned myself running in the warm nights or predawn hours just me and the sleeping world. The few times I have done this I felt great. I felt awake and ready to tackle the world. Of course I eventually felt tired but I know with consistency energy will come to me.
So here is what will happen going forward.

· I will wake up at 5am and run till about 5:45am- I am not looking for speed but time spent with myself.
· I will run/jog/ walk at least three times a week. This does not include my Saturday run group.
· I will value my time spent working out as my time. Will not worry about anything else.


So there it is.. There is no more wanting but simply doing. This will be my new habit. The habit to feel great is a habit worth nurturing.

Thanks for being a part of my journey. Wish I could tell you it will be easy but I have a goal and I’ve let my life pass by too long. It takes that realization that something must change for me to change.

Let me know what you changed to see a change in yourself? I love comments, please leave me some.



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