Twitter Friday!!

Are you following me on twitter?? See what are some on my tweets for this week.

I participate in a weekly running group on Saturday mornings and I actually consider this time as me time and yes I still think it’s masochistic of me. But I’m learning to love the support I receive from them.

Self explanatory – I was soaked!!!

So far we have celebrated my monkeys birthday every year with a Wiggles Concert. He loves it so I live it.

I don’t need to even explain this!

Yes… I got a virtual tamagotchi available as an app for iPhones and androids. Total throwback toy!! To date I’ve had one die already. Sadface . It’s like carrying around another kid! He wants to eat, poop, play and needs medicine.

Just a tiny sample of my tweets. Have a twitter follow me I’m easy to find @katiiz95. Like this post follow my blog.

Happy Friday!!!!



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