What are we doing??? Summer fun!


The weather is getting beautiful in Northern California and the weekends are ripe for outdoor activities. I’m fortunate that I still don’t have to think about what I’m going to do with my kid during the summer months. I’m fortunate that he attends a year round preschool. Phewww, but I do have to think about what to do to fill the weekends. Most toddlers don’t just sit around waiting for mommy to get up on the weekends. I know from experience my kid wakes up super early on Saturday and Sunday and is ready to jump up and get out the door. With the sun shining bright and early his brain is triggering him to say UP UP UP, jump jump jump.
So I’m on the search for activities for my munchkin to get into. With him turning the big 4 this year I think he is ready to participate in sport activities. This will maybe teach him to follow directions better (I don’t know if I’m the only mom who thinks there kid doesn’t LISTEN) and teach him what practice makes perfect mean. So I found a tot baseball class that last a few weeks on saturday morning that will teach him the basics of the game. With all the little leaguers out playing there 100 of 100 of games, my kid is mesmerized by them. I’m excited to see how he does in the class.
Then another class I am going to enroll him in is swimming. I love swimming. I love the water and I know my little monkey is also a tadpole in disguise. I’m not expecting him to be doing laps by the end of the summer but I am hoping he is ok with his head going under water and understand the basics of moving forward in the water. I did not learn how to swim until I was in high school and was always afraid the pools or lakes. I had a horrible experience at a water park where I thought I was tall enough but I was not and fell right in. My love for water could have easily turned to fear but I pushed forward and FINALLY learned to swim.
I’ll defiantly keep you guys updated on how my little monkey does this summer with those two activates. I’m also looking for day activities to do. I love doing things with him that are fun for him and free to participate in. Street fairs and farmer markets are great for people watching. The local libraries are also a great place to take your preschooler. Check there calendar to see if they are holding special events. Reach out to the mothers you know, we are all a wealth of information. I’ve been so surprised that by just asking, What’s going on during the weekend?” I get a wealth of events I had no idea were happening in the area.

What are you looking forward to doing this summer with your kiddo?? I love hearing all your comments and feedback.

Time to take out the sunscreen and enjoy the sun.



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