The Wiggles in concert!!

The Wiggles come to town with their TAKING OFF TOUR featuring Anthony Wiggle, Simon Wiggle, Lacky Wiggle & Emma Wiggle. Of course Captain Feather Sword was there as well. Do I even have to describe the smile my monkey had on his face when the lights grew dim and the bright colorful lights turned on and the announcer came out to introduce them on stage. Immediately the dancing ensued, the jumping & the singing. This year mom remembered that Wags needed a bone and Rosie loves Roses. I bet you can imagine how excited my little one was to give over those present to them. And he got so lucky that Emma Wiggles was able to look at him and take the present from him. He was on cloud nine after that. As a parent I love bringing joy to my child and I love exposing him to great music that is tailored to him with dance moves and great lyrics.


We have been attending The Wiggles concerts for the last three years and lucky for us they always time there shows during my monkeys Birthday so this has become a great Birthday Tradition for us. I almost missed them this year because I did not see any advertising for their show. Lucky for me I follow then on Twitter and Facebook, as soon as they said they were touring I started to check to see if they had any US dates. As a parent I was excited to see the next Generation of Wiggles take over and I’m happy to report It was a great show.

I won’t spoil the show for anyone if you plan on taking your little ones so I won’t go into too much detail but I will tell you it will pay to follow them on Twitter. My little guy got a shout out as Emma Wiggles read my tweet out loud. So don’t forget to tweet them during the show you never know they might be reading your tweets next.


Thanks Wiggles for once more showing us a great time. Got my little man a new shirt and a backpack (that by the way he won’t put down).


Did you make it out to one of there shows?? Tell me how about it. Like this post?? Let me know. Don’t forget to follow my blog and follow me on Twitter at @Katiiz95. I’m also on Facebook friend me at @momoftornado.


*opinion is solely mine and all items and tickets were purchased.*


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