Goals of the week

So I’ve decided to follow Money Saving Moms model on goal planning. This will help me hold myself a lot more accountable with my goals.

This week’s goals:

Mothering Goals:
1) Read three books 4 times a night to my preschooler.

2) Aim for Friday to be craft day.

3) Homework to be done by Friday – aim to do it when we get home. I am still working on a good time to sit with him to finish his homework. This week we will try to do it when we come home.

Personal Goal:
1) Work out every night. I’ve taken up the Bodyrock.tv 30 day challenge

2) Finish a book- Currently reading Wildfire Kiss by Claudy Conn

3) Run 3 miles this week

4) Edit and post two blogs. (check back for those this week)

5) Positive Parenting – continue with my lessons of the online tools. And read chapter 6 in “ If I have to tell you one more time” by Amy McCready.

Homemaking Goal:
1) Empty two boxes and set aside to Donate, or sell at garage sale.

2) Do maintenance on car (oil change, wiper change, vacuum and car wash)

3) Go over toys to see what can be donated.

Do you have goals you set for the week or month? Tell me about it?



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