Goodbye Farmers Market

You know summer is officially over when your local Farmers Market closes for the season. For us Saturday mornings and Wednesday afternoon were officially Famers Market days where we would grab our bags, appetites, and people watching skills and head out for a few hours. My monkey loves going to the market. He’s all about tasting the fresh fruit , being able to walk around, randomly dance to the music he hears from the local artist they have playing and of course having the super fresh Kettle Corn. Advantages of a farmer market is getting to know the farm vendors that come out to sell their good. The venders are happy to answer any questions and love to give great deals. If you know me you will know I love great deals. It’s great to see my son want to help me carry the food and as we stand around looking at all the goodies he’s learning about veggies and farming. Even thought right now he won’t eat them (picky eater here) at least he sees where our food is coming from.

The local Wednesday Market is held in the early evening and there are a lot more food vendors, BBQ, Rotisserie chicken, Crepes, Indian and Salvadorian food. So many options to have a great dinner out picnic style listening to music. My monkey also liked the Wednesday market because of the huge jumpy house, as he calls it, at the end of the street.

So sad to see this end but as soon as spring comes around it will be back. Till then…

Do you frequent a farmers market? What do you like about it?

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