Dia De Los Muertos – Day of the Dead

Dia de los Muertos is a celebration to honor deceased friends and family member on Nov 2. Dia De los Muertos is mainly celebrated in Mexico but also celebrated in other countries and cultures such as in Central America, South America, Europe and the Philippines to name a few. A common practice to honor the dead is to build a private alter, place offerings, favorite foods or drinks, mementos that remind you of them , sugar skulls, skeleton figures, pictures drawings. The decoration is completely up to you. On the day of the dead If possible you would cover their grave with the items as well so they can in theory enjoy them as they did when they lived. I think this tradition is a beautiful way to celebrate loved ones who have passed. When I was in school we used to paint sugar skulls made out of papier-mâché or make skeleton puppets or cut up tissue paper to decorate tables. I always loved the vibrant colors, and displays people would come up with.

Here are some fun crafts I decided to do with my son to begin with our alter decorating.

Papel Picado Banner (Tissue Paper Banners)
Essentially it’s like cutting a snow flake out of paper. There are super elaborate Picado banners out there but we will keep ours pretty basic. For my son it’s a great way for him to practice his fine motor skills by cutting up paper.
Cut the tissue paper to the size you want your banner pieces to be. Cut a few pieces of different colors. Fold the paper up so it allows you to cut it up without it falling apart. At this point you can just allow your little one to cut random shapes out of the paper, hearts, diamonds, circles, squares. Or you can draw out a template for them to follow.
This was hard for him to properly cut it up so I allowed him to randomly paste the shapes pack onto a tissue paper. He did like this activity very much.

Once you have assembles a few pieces start to tape them onto a string.

WALLA.. a beautiful banner to decorate your alter or any other space you like.

Sugar Skull decorating
I found this great skull at the dollar store and decided if I painted it white my son could decorate his own sugar skull. Please see the pictures below to get an idea of what they look like. If you find a culture center in your area they might have great displays out with sugar skulls.

Do you celebrate Dia de los Muertos, (Day of the Dead)? If so share how you make your alters special. I love getting new craft ideas so please share. Did you like this post don’t forget to like and as always if you want to see more post like this subscribe and comment. Follow me on twitter and facebook!



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