I have a Cling-ON!!

So my lovely son has officially become a Cling- ON. What is a Cling-ON you ask?? Cling-on, Velcro-kid, my shadow. Give it any name you want but my kid has suddenly taken to want to be with me all time. He cries in the morning begging me not to go to work and just stay home with him. He repeatedly asked for hugs and kisses when its drop off time at his preschool. He wants me as close as possible when were having meals and during bedtimes he wants to snuggle up as close to me as possible while he falls asleep. At night he will wake up and search for me in bed to make sure I am still there. (yes I’m still co-sleeping, different struggle) In the past I used those precious moments in the quiet morning to get ready for work, but now I’m lucky if I can brush my teeth without him waking up and noticing I’m gone.

“ Mommy come lay down with me it’s still sleepy time”
“ I want to be close to you please come next to me”
“ No Mommy I don’t want to go to school, I want to stay home with you”

A small part of me wants to do everything he wants. Sure honey come sit on my lap while we eat dinner, or sure I’ll blow off work to stay home with you. I realize that I can’t do everything but I have allowed him extra close time with me to ensure him he’s safe and secure. Because face it when this kids gets a bit older, starts going to school and is surrounded by his xbox playing friends, a big ole hug and kiss from mom at drop off might not be how he wants to start his day.

Some question I’ve had are:
1) Why did this start?
2) As there been drastic changes in his life?

The answer is simple. He started Pre-K classes in Aug and turned 4 yrs old. Not a baby anymore but not a super big boy yet. He wants to peddle super fast but can’t go so fast because the training wheels are still on. He’s coming to terms with his emotions more. He’s understanding concepts more. I’m noticing this more when I leave early some days for work and someone else drops him off at school. In the past he had no issues with another person helping him but now all he wants is mom. I’m the one constant in his life. I realize this. The good thing is I don’t see my son closing off. He still is great playing in social settings, and has not become shy or stopped talking, so I won’t be worried. I’m going to enjoy the extra kisses, hugs and together time we share.

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