Cookies, Cookies, Cookies

Can we say busy holiday season? In a one, two, three Christmas has snuck up on me. In just a few days jolly Ole Saint Nick will come down the chimney to give out his goodies to all the good boys and girl. So finally in preparation for Santa we decided to bake and decorate some yummy sugar cookies. My little one was super excited about this , so was I since this would be the first time we attempted this. I ran out, purchased some pre packaged dough (because a baker I am not) and some icing with easy to use tips so that my son could easily decorate the cookies.


I have to say we defiantly had a blast doing this and they tasted great. It did take us a total of 2 hours from start to finish. My little one used his imagination and even figured out how to spread the icing all over the cookie. I did make the mistake of uncapping one of the sprinkles shakers because as soon as I was not paying attention my little one poured the whole things over his cookie. He looked at me and all I could do was laugh because it was one of those learning experiences for both of us.. We had some Christmas tunes playing in the background which placed us in the Christmas mood. Since we , mainly me are all the cookies already, we will be making more cookies on Christmas Eve so we can leave freshed baked goodness for Santa.


Next year I will attempt to make my own dough (wish me luck), but I think for our first go round it was a success. I have to give a huge HIGH FIVE to my friends who bake for the holidays. We only made like 15 cookies, but the rolling, and cutting and then decorating was a lot of work, fun since these were for our own use. But those ladies and gents that make then to give away, WOW, truly an art. My taste buds thank you big time.

Have you baked this holiday Season? What is your favorite recipe??



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