Getting started right.. Goal #1 – Weight lose

My first goal is set to lose ten pounds by my birthday. Setting it for my birthday has given me a few months to shed the unwanted pounds. I think I’m off to a great start, unfortunately I failed to weight myself on Monday but the week has been great with my exercise and my food intake. I promise to put in a weight in on Monday 1/13/14 and use that as my starting gauge.
To get in my daily work out I have started to jog during my lunch break. Finding time when I get home has been difficult so I have to utilize the time I do have available to me. Even thought I realize my son is getting older I would like to use the time I have with him in the evening to focus on his activities, homework, dinner, bath time and story time. Any working parent could understand how precious the time once you finally get home to your kids is and how excited they are to be with you. So lunch time it is. I have started spacing my meals so I’m fueling myself every three hours. I’m still working on the correct balance of food so I don’t feel famished in the early evening. My main focus in January will be my exercise. Make it a habit and I will stick to it thru the whole year.

I’m my worst enemy when it comes to changing my lifestyle to be more trim, fit, and healthy. If I have to think about the food and working out I will possibly fail at one and then let the other fall out as well. If I can focus on one aspect then gradually bring in the other I know this will work for me. What I’m focusing on with my food is to cook at home and eat that. No more eating out, no more fast foods and no more daily coffee runs. Those things will only be a once in a while thing for me. What the past two week have shown me is how much money I can save by just eating what I cook and have at home. As a single parent saving money is essential.

Did you notice I did not say I’m giving up SODA?? I have tried this before and within a few weeks I give up. I get cranky I get ugly. EHHH I don’t want to be ugly. I do know cutting out soda would defiantly help me reach my goal a lot faster but I want that to also be a slow transition. As I’ve said in the past when I was younger I would drink 5-8 cups of soda a day but now I limit it to 1, if I even remember to get one. I don’t have any at home so that cuts that out. Baby steps!!!

A HUGE thank you to my Little Twin Star, Miss HR & Ms Bean for allowing me my daily rants, my daily exercise post, my daily food accomplishments and the awesome encouragements they supply every day.

How are you doing on your New Years Goals? I would love to hear how you are doing so please leave me a comment. As always don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe to keep up with this awesome journey. Want more of me on a daily follow me on Twitter and Facebook.


Good Bye 2013.. Hello 2014!!!!

So every year I’ve set resolutions. I usually start out with a bang and get a good momentum going and then something happens. Thru out the year I pick it up again hit it hard then again something happens that completely throws me off. I know, if I had the ultimate dedication I imagine to have nothing can throw me off my path. Thinking back I realize some things, I got lazy, I got tired, I would snooze, time moved on and nothing would get done.

Once Christmas hit I started to think what can I set for my resolutions in 2014 and well.. I decided I will have NO RESOLUTION. I will set goals. With a do-able time line. I’ve thought long and hard on how I can reach my goal. Honesty with myself will be the most important steps to attaining any goal. Becoming inspired, staying motivated and asking for help if I need it. I have enlisted my sister and a few friends to take this journey with me. We are all busy people, life still goes on around us. Posting, texting, emailing is going to be key to attain my success.

So as for my 1st Goal.. Lose 10 pound down by my birthday.

A simple, do-able goal. If I hit the target before the date great. I realized I was trying to be unrealistic. I know how my body works so now I’m going to use that tool. The last thing I want is to be stressed about making a goal that I set to high. We all know what stress does to the body. Being a single mom, working full time does not help but I realized this is just another excuse I kept telling myself.

I will be sharing with you guys this awesome journey I am going to embark on. My reasons for losing this weight are many. I believe any reason you have that will motivate you is a great reason. So if you want to join me I would be happy to have you along for this awesome ride. If I get enough people I will start a Facebook group but for now post comments below and follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

2014 is going to be an awesome year.