Sick of being sick!!

We’ve been sick

It all started with a midnight throw up season and since then I believe we have been constantly sick in my household for a month straight. My little one caught the stomach flu that lasted 4 days. Not the best thing to get and of course if the kid gets it you know mom is bound to get the effects of this great bug. But Mom’s don’t get sick.. RIGHT.. or so we tell ourselves.
Then you think you’re in the clear and your “ allergies” start acting up. Your head feels like a giant hot air balloon that is being pushed into the depth of the deepest ocean. Your nose is constantly running, and no matter how many Benadryl you take you still can’t shake it. About a week later you start to cough and then you know the allergies you were complaining about turned into a full blown cold. Your days are not so bad, well compared to the night where coughing has turned into an Olympic sports. Lets see how long you can cough before you throw up? Can your housemates sleep thru your nightly hack sessions? You get 45 min of actual sleep to wake up stuffed up and wishing someone would just cram a hose up your nose and suck it all out. UMMMMMMMMMMM maybe that contraption they have at the dentist office might work???
Took a whole day off work to just lay in bed and stare out the window. Yes I know I completely missed my opportunity to catch up on Netflix but even the thought of looking at anything was too much. So I laid there until it was time to pick up the kid at school. Then as moms do, I pretend I’m not sick and do all the fabulous things mom do after school ends.
So here I am two weeks later, feeling so much better but still battling with my cough and the green stuff in my chest. Ive tried it all; Vicks, ginger infused teas, air vaporizers even searching Pinterest for the best cough remedies. Did I mention I got this crick in my neck that won’t go away??

How has this winter treated you?? Are you battling massive allergies? Or the cough from hell?