My Pinterest tries!!

If you know what Pinterest is then you know the amount of hours one can waste going over boards and boards of interesting things one can cook, sew, craft, DIY and mimic. Who has not found something on there and said “OMG I can totally do this”, “ Look how easy” and “OHH wow I never knew you could do that”

Once I started to meal prep the first thing I did was look to Pinterest for easy ideas to try at home. That is when I found this one..
A yummy Bean Salad:

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I made a huge batch of this and used it threw out the week with my lunches. I would mix in some quinoa or chicken to give it a different taste. Even added avocado.

Another Pinterest try we did this week is this AMAZING Fried Honey Banana Recipe.

Literally my sister said she wants to purchase a ton of bananas to make this recipe every day. It’s a great healthy alternative to candy. Try at your own risk this does seem to be addictive.
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So of course with me being so obsessed with Pinterest I started to collect toilet paper rolls. I thought for sure I would find a great craft idea to try with my monkey. With Easter right around the corner I found this great post we could try. Toilet paper Easter Bunnies.


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What are your favorite Pinterest post. Which are your Pinterest tries and misses? I am constantly on the lookout for great ideas to try at home. Follow me at @momoftornado to keep up with things I want to try.

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