Imagination and fun

Believe me, I’m not that full of energy when I’ve worked an 8 hour day and commuted home for 2 hours a day. Being up since 6am so I completely understand what tired feels like. I’ve wrote this before, being a single mom is not easy. But on my commute home I try to brain storm ideas to have a great night with my son. I know he misses me and I missed him and want our time together to be full of fun play. Around the time I come home the weather is still great. The SF bay Area is famous for its Indian summers and although the sun does start setting earlier the temps stay great for outdoor activities. Bike rides, bubble play or maybe an outdoor camp out. All great things you can quickly put together when you get home from work.

This week we took to being Pirates.. Here is what we used..

Draw a map – Use land marks around your home. The car, a tree down the street, maybe a neighbors rock landscape. Help your child use his imagination. Remember to roll up the map and make sure you place it in a place that is easily accessible by your child. Half the fun is finding the treasure map. ARRRRRRRRRRR

A treasure box – I used a shoe box. I filled it with knick knacks that I knew he would love to find. Some small figuring’s, a medal from one of my runs, glow sticks, and a pack of fruit snacks. Remember to draw a giant X to mark the spot where the treasure is hidden.

Dress up clothes- Use any hat you have, a bandana or a head band. I actually have a pirate hat for my monkey but we used my running headband that covers my ears around his head to simulate his eye patch. I used an straw hat and tied a scarf around my waist.

Your all set.. this is where our imagination took over. We found the treasure map followed the steps it told us , passed some sleeping dragons ( aka the dogs). When one decided to follow us we had some swash buckling to do to get away from the dragon ( the dog) and finally came upon the cave that hid our treasure. WOOT WOOT there it is.. X marks the spot.


I don’t remember how long it took us, probably no more than 30 min, but I do remember the many smiles and out loud laughter I heard from my monkey. That was enough to show me that he was all in. He tip toed past the dragons and counted his steps as we went thru the passage of the hills.

This is an activity that we will defiantly be doing again . We had so much fun . No special toy were needed no special clothes. Just our enthusiasm and our imagination.

How do you inspire your kids imagination? Leave me a comment and let me know what fun activities you do with your children.

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