Preschool graduation Cap- How to make your own.

So this year my little munchkin is graduating preschool. And our school asked the parents to please make their child a graduation cap. They asked that we be creative but stick with the colors they had chosen.
So obviously where would I go to find a great how-to… PINTEREST. I found some great pins but stuck to one pin that I used as my template to make my little ones cap.

I purchased poster board and a foam poster board at the Dollar Tree. Got a few extras just in case. So that was easy . Picked up some sticker letters , stars and some glitter spray on paint at Wal-Mart.


– Using a ruler I cut out two squares . I cut a 12 x 12 size squares.
– To give the cap portion a bit more stability I taped the colored poster board into the foam board.
– I sprayed both pieces with the glitter paint. I choose a nice gold glitter that shows great on the dark blue paper. Easily dried within 5 min.
– Decorate each piece to your liking. You can use paint, stickers, markers. Use your imagination.
– Then glue both pieces together. I choose to cement glue it instead of taping it because I know he will drop it or it will fall on the floor a few times.

The tassel was super easy to make.
– On a three inch piece of paper roll the thread around a few time. You can do it as many times as you want. Tie up one and cut the loops to make the tassel portion. Attach a string to your specific length from the cap portion and allow it to just hang.


Let me know if you tried doing this at home. I’d love to hear how it turned out.

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