Shelter Dogs Rock. Our new fur baby.

If you are interested in adopting a shelter animal please consider doing it the weekend of May 30 – 31,  2015. I know the shelter we adopted Cash is participating in this great event. If you’re in the Bay Area, CA please consider visiting the Oakland Animal Shelter. Otherwise visit the website to search shelters in your area.

Please visit to find a local shelters in your area supported by this free adoption weekend.

“Maddie’s® Pet Adoption Days May30 – 31 2015 has supported the adoptions of more than 30,000 homeless dogs and cats since the program’s inception in 2010. For each pet adopted, Maddies Fund®gives participating shelters from $200 to $2,500. This funding enables the shelters and rescue groups to save and treat more animals throughout the year.”

Shelter dogs rock.

I would like to introduce you to my new fur baby. His name is Cash and he comes to us from the Oakland Animal Services Shelter in Oakland CA. I had the pleasure of visiting the shelter a few times to ensure we found the right dog for our family. I feel in love with so many pooches but was only able to take one home. Oakland Animal Services is a no kill shelter so there main goal is to pair the right family with their perfect dog.  Cash is a beautiful pit terrier mix that is only about 11 months old. He was found as a stray , adopted then returned for being too much of a  puppy. I know sad face. He is a sweet loving dog that just wants a great family to help him along his puppy years and form a wonderful bond for the rest of his life. The shelter I visited has a wonderful visiting policy with the dogs where you, your family and any animals in your home can spend one on one time with the dog. How wonderful is that. Because I have a small child I needed to know the dog understood the type of energy my tornado can have.

If you are looking to adopt please visit your local shelter, or rescue agency to give a pooch or kitty a chance to show you just how much love they have to give. The volunteers are such a great source of information and are super helpful and kind. Remember some dogs have a hard time showing when there in the kennels. If the shelter provides visiting please give that dog a chance to wow you outside of the cage they live in.  I think I would be a hot mess if I was in a cage all day as well.  




Cuddle buddy???


Sun bathing at his finest.


Taken at the shelter – look how happy he was. A forever home found .


Travel buddies!!




My first Influenster VoxBox. – Jolly VoxBox

Imagine my excitement when I was picked by Influenster to receive their Jolly VoxBox to review. The Arsenol Hall Show Dog pound chant went off in my head.. WOOT WOOT Sorry if that reference went over some heads. I really did age myself there. But let’s just say I was giddy with glee. Upon receiving the box I did do an unboxing video for YouTube so go check it out and leave me a comment. Let me know if you want to see more videos. (Click here)

Skinny Cow Divine Filled Chocolates Candy -Super excited when I saw a box of YUMMY Skinny Cow products. I have purchased Skinny Cow in the past so I knew I would not be disappointed by the treat. With only 130 cal per packet you can’t go wrong. One pouch has 3 pieces that you can share or keep for yourself. I love having one piece to satisfy my craving. But if I do eat it all I won’t feel so guilty because it only has 130 cal. The chocolate has a great taste, melts in your mouth and leaves no after taste at all. The peanut butter was super creamy and blended well with the chocolate. I will defiantly be purchasing more of these to have around.

Puffs to go – Next I saw a packet of Puffs to go. You can never go wrong with a packet of Puffs to go in your purse, backpack or diaper bag. Puffs is a super soft tissue that can be used to blow your sensitive nose or wipe off that excess make up. I always carry tissue with me so this was perfect.

Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer – How gorgeous is the packaging. It went on nice and creamy and gave me a great hint of color. Nice and shiny with no stickiness or tackiness. Big plus was the great scent it has. I’m very turned off by lip products that have an odd smell so I was very pleased with the scent this lacquer gave off. Defiantly will purchase more in this line.

NYC HD Color Trio Eye Shadow – I really was surprised by this trio. The colors are perfect for a subtle day look and if you add a nice cat eye liner you can defiantly transition this into night. The colors were nice a rich and very pigmented.

Mini Ducklings Duck Tape – Let the crafting begin. As soon as I saw this little guy I saw all the projects I could do with this. The tape is easy to roll out, and easy to cut. Does not stick to your fingers like some tapes might. The patterns is also very nice I can’t wait to see what other patterns they have out.

Thank you Infulenster for supplying me with this great VoxBox and for the products inside.


Let me know what you think of the products listed. Have you tried any of them? Leave me a comment I love hearing from you. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Facebook.


Disclaimer: All products were received complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.

A S.M.H type of morning.

As I was standing in my living room packing up my monkeys backpack and making sure I have everything in my purse I stopped, looked around and realized I live in chaos. My place is not huge but I think I have a good sized apartment. There is absolutely no reason to have messes in every corner. There is no reason my living room looks like a war zone where clothes, blankets, and toys meet there dome. The kitchen area is a disaster. When did I make that mess? I know my monkey eats but geeez does he have to have a bowl for each item?

When did I allow my life to be so unorganized, so messy so chaotic? I feel very strongly that the messes in my home reflect the mess in my body. I also feel that those unorganized areas in my living space don’t allow my energy to move forward in a positive way. I stood there shaking my head (SMH), and making a mental check list on where to start to organize the chaos I call my life. Mentally I said, clothes first, then kitchen area, living room space, bedroom, bathroom and linen closets. I have a closet in my entry way I could utilize as well. I had all these great ideas running in my mind, feeling excited and eager to start. Then, I hear it. Skidding breaks in my mind (screeeeeechhhhhh) how can I possibly do all this and still come home, spend time with my son, exercise and most importantly sleep. There is something to say about having a support system in your home. Having your mate, your partner, your lover, your husband there to help with just these occasion’s. Unfortunately, mine decided it was too much at this time in his life, hello your 41 but that’s a whole other issue.  

So being faced with it just being me, which I don’t mind most of the time, unless it’s for situations like this. Time time time where are you .Who can we petition for more hours in a day. Maybe the sun can delay its bed time to give me more time. Yeah right. Do I wait until the mess grows legs and moves on its own or do I find 15 minutes a day to do something about it? Just like everything else I know I cannot do this in one day. But I do know this is a project that I have to embrace and follow thru with. Not only for myself but for my son.

 I would love suggestions on how you keep your home organized while still spending quality time with your family.

Check back for photos and results from my first successful change.